Innovations in pharma and dentifrice tubes celebrated

By Daphne Allen in Tubes on May 03, 2016

Pharmaceutical and dentifrice tubes are among the tubes honored by The Tube Council in its 2015 Tube of the Year Awards. Tubes were also recognized in categories for personal care, food, and household and industrial products as well as for innovative components and processes.

In the Best Pharmaceutical category, Clearasil Hydra-Blast Oil-Free Face Wash by Albéa Americas received the Gold award, Clearasil Acne+Marks Treatment Lotion (above) by Viva Healthcare Packaging took Silver, and Oxy Acne Medication by Viva Healthcare Packaging took Bronze. 

In the Best Dentifrice category, Aquafresh Extreme Clean (shown below) by Albéa Americas received the Gold award, Baby Banana Tooth Gel by Viva Healthcare Packaging won Silver, and Orajel Paw Patrol by Albéa Americas won Bronze.


The Ted Klein Tube of the Year award went to a personal care tube by Viva Healthcare Packaging, Bliss Just a Little Hint.

Other winners include:



Gold:Bliss Just a Little Hint, Viva Healthcare Packaging                                                

Silver: Dove Absolute Quench, Essel Propack America 

Bronze: L'Oreal Garnier Fructis, Albéa Americas   



Gold: A Fleur de Pot, Plastube

Silver: Chili Peppers, Plastube

Bronze: Go Extreme Cranberry, Essel Propack America



Gold: Armor All Outlast Leather Restorer, Viva Healthcare Packaging

Silver: O’Keefe’s Working Hands Lotion, Albéa Americas

Bronze: GE Supreme 100% Silicone, Albéa Americas



Gold: Versa Spa Beyond Tan, Kaufman Container

Silver: GlassLike Transparent as Glass Convenient Tube, AISA

Bronze: Texsual New Sensation in Tubes, AISA


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