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By Kate Bertrand Connolly in Tubes on March 12, 2019


Tube improves dosing for antifungal product

Gold Award: The Tetra FungiFoam Antifungal tube is an airless-tube-plus-pump structure that replaces a bottle and pump. The tube, from Albéa Americas, provides more precise product dosing than the previous package.

Metallic inks embellish high-barrier moisturizer tube

Silver Award: The Pharmagel International Firma Derm moisturizer tube incorporates poly-foil high-barrier technology from Plastube. The package is silk screened using metallic inks to mimic hot stamping but without the cost.

Burn-gel tube keeps kids safe

Bronze Award (tie): A child-resistant closure protects children from the burn gel contained in the Aloe Brazilian Maximum Strength Alocane tube. Essel Propack supplies the package.

Ease of use makes ointment tube pet-parent-friendly

Bronze Award (tie): Dr. Maggie Skin Care Ointment for Pets is packaged in a silver, 20-micron laminate tube with 4-color graphics and a flip-top stand-up closure. The easy-to-squeeze tube is from Montebello Packaging.


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