Hygienic multihead weighers: Product of the Day

Lisa Pierce in Weighers on March 19, 2014

Debutting at the 2014 interpack show, the new J-generation of multihead weighers has a new hygienic design, with no double surfaces, gaps, dead space or cavities, making it simple to clean. Additionally, all weigh cells in this new generation feature the patented MAGiiR magnetic field-controlled impact pulse reduction mechanism that reduces the measured value recording time so more hoppers can be used for the combination function. In conjunction with adaptive filters, measured value recording times are reduced by up to 60 percent. As a result, weigher systems with fewer heads can be used and higher cycle rates can be achieved. Also new on J-Generation weighers, Argus-01 3D camera records product distribution on the distribution cone and the feed trays, enabling a controlled pre-distribution to the feed hoppers. Product build ups or gaps are detected as soon as they occur and appropriate countermeasures are initiated.

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