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You know you’re a packaging engineer if: Gallery

Lisa Pierce in Packaging Education and Training on July 25, 2018
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Do you cringe when you hear someone say cardboard? Or have an irresistible urge to scold a person when you see them rip open a package in a way that ruins the reclosable feature? Does it take you forever to shop in a store because you’re looking at products you’d never use just because they have interesting packaging? Face it. You’re a packaging engineer.

Take heart, though. You are in good company. Here are some entertaining answers our Packaging Digest audience submitted when we asked them how they would finish the sentence “You know you’re a packaging engineer if…”

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You know you are a packaging Engineer when you cannot fathom the inept "reclosable" design that does not reclose the carton of cereal or pasta.
Your family thinks your the only one that can open packaging or dispose of it properly
So interesting....
You have been kicked out of the supermarket for squeezing the "Charmin".