UV Printer

By David Bellm in Digital Printing on December 01, 2009
Hapa EasyFlex printerThe Hapa EasyFlex pharmaceutical in-line UV ink printer has a web width of 260mm and is designed for installation on small to mid-sized blister machines, both intermittent and continuous motion. It can replace platen printers on intermittent motion machines and maintain print registration without the use of the blister machine print mark registration. The machine uses one size print drum, making it format-free regardless of index length changes, aiding in its low cost of ownership. Its pin locating print mat mounting system is said to eliminate the need for double stick tape and ensures 100% accuracy with print mat placement. According to the company, the system allows color changes in seconds with an inking unit that removes complete with the anilox roller, eliminating any chance of ink dripping during removal. Accurate and repeatable adjustments are ensured through electronic setup of all parameters.

Hapa & Laetus, Inc.; 973/983-2700; www.hapa.ch

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