Does the QR code on this fish packaging sink or swim?

Young's Gastro Lightly Seeded Haddock Fillets are packaged in a PET tray with flexible plastic seal, contained in a carton sleeve. The product photography printed on the sleeve shows a filet accompanied by new potatoes with herb butter, watercress and pea salad. To bring this alive for consumers, the carton includes instructions for preparing these additional side dishes.


Taking this a step further, the back of the box bears a QR code that takes the consumer to more meal ideas and complementary wine suggestions online. What sets this packaging feature apart is that the QR code is designed to resemble a plate with a ‘fish' on it. This design demonstrates that QR codes need not be dead space on a package; rather, they can be cleverly included as part of the graphic design. It also shows how robust the QR code can be. In this case, it works with the fish design overlaid onto some of the QR code information.

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user February 16th, 2013

I was thrilled to read this endorsement of the Young's Gastro packaging, particularly the QR code, as this just so happens to have been my brain wave as part of the redesign of 'Gastro' by Springetts Brand Consultants!