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At Dorner we make it our mission to provide systems that our customers can depend on to move their product with precision and speed. It’s that commitment and history of proven excellence that has made us a leader in precision conveyors for nearly 50 years.

Dorner is the leader in low profile conveyor systems, solving industrial, packaging, and sanitary conveyor automation needs. Our wide range of conveyor solutions are flexible, easy to select, easy to integrate, and easy to acquire through an efficient delivery & support network.

Founded in 1969 and based in Hartland, Wisconsin, Dorner is a privately held company, providing conveyor solutions to customers in over 1,200 different industries worldwide looking to achieve improved efficiency, productivity, and a positive ROI.

Dorner offers flat belt and plastic chain conveyors in a variety of configurations, including curves, inclines, declines, and Z-frames (or LPZ). In order to meet our customer’s exact specifications, all Dorner conveyors are built-to-order. Plus, these custom conveyors ship in as little as 72 hours with 3rd generation Lean Manufacturing processes
Dorner Conveyors are ideal for Industries including:
• Food Handling
• Material Handling
• Pharmaceutical
• Metal Working
• Medical
• General Manufacturing
• Ready-Made Food

Our Engineered Solutions Group can design a system with specialties such as:
• Accumulation
• Back lit conveyor
• Indexing
• Flexible packaging
• Lift gate
• Magnetic belt
• Metal detection
• Positioning
• Product flow
• Stainless steel
• Vacuum conveyor

• 1100 Series
• 2200 Series
• 2200 Modular Belt
• 2200 Precision Move
• 2200 SmartFlex®
• 2200 SmartFlex® Pallet Systems
• 3200 Series
• 3200 Modular Belt
• 3200 Precision Move
• AquaGard® Series
• AquaPruf® Series
• SmartPace Dynamic Pacing Conveyor
• Belting
• Support Stands


3200 Series Modular Belt Conveyors provide enhanced functionality and flexibility to better meet your packaging needs

Designed with ease of integration in mind, Dorner’s new 3200 Series Modular Belt Conveyor is ideal for part handling, accumulation, positioning, inclines and declines, and long runs. It features heavy load and high speed capabilities, innovative product transfers, and the option for up to 4 curves on a single conveyor. The 3200 Series Modular Belt conveyor’s flat side tail design allows for easy machine interfacing and the weighted belt take-up module on curves reduces product maintenance. It’s perfect for a variety of applications including packaging, processing, material handling, assembly, and more!Sizes & Measurements”3.75"" - 60"" (widths)3' - 99' (lengths)Loads & SpeedsUp to 1000 lbsUp to 600 fpmConveyor ConfigurationsStraightZ-FrameCurveNose-OverHorizontal to InclineModular Belt TypesFlat TopFlush GridFriction InsertsCleatedRoller TopPrecision Move Precision Move with FixturesCurved Modular Belt TypesBasic Single CurveLow Backpressure Roller Top CurveFriction Insert CurveHigh Strength Tab CurveHigh Strength Bearing Curve

SmartPace dynamic pacing conveyors pace products and packages into even spaces and groupings

Dorner’s SmartPace™ pacing conveyor takes randomly spaced products and paces them into even spacing. The system is completely non-contact with no guides, diverts or plows. The SmartPace can create even spaced product or alternating batches of product. Multiple lines can also be merged together without product stops or gates.How it Works:• Randomly spaced product enter the conveyor• Photoeye detects product spacing• The servo motor control automatically varies the conveyor speed and conveyor junction placement to generate an evenly spaced productPerformance Specifications• Up to 200 ft/min belt speed• Can smoothly transfer parts as short as 3" long• Multiple FDA approved belting options• Maintenance free self-tracking conveyor belts• Available in aluminum or corrosion resistant stainless steel frameConveyor Specifications• 4"" to 12"" wide and 6' long• 1.25"""" diameter end transfer rollers• Motors can be mounted on either side or both sides of conveyor• (2) independent self tracking belted conveyors• Movable conveyor junction driven by plastic/stainless steel drive chain• All bearings are sealed for lifeServo Gearmotors• (3) Servo gearmotors driving conveyors and transfer locationo (2) Conveyor drive motors = Yaskawa SGMGV-05 Servo Motors with 2:1 timing belt reductiono (1) Junction drive motor = Yaskawa SGMGV-13 with 4:1 right angle gear reducerControls• Yaskawa MP3200iec Motion Controller• 230 V, 1 Phase Input (3 Phase, 230 V and 460 V, 50/60 Hz available)• Stand alone control with HMI interface• Programmable product spacing and/or patterns• Built in safety control circuit• Remote enable and run signals input signals available• System ready and fault outputs available

SmartFlex® Pallet Systems - Flexible Conveyors with Pallets for Product Control and Routing

Dorner’s new SmartFlex® Pallet Systems provide accurate positioning and routing for packaging lines. They are ideal for assembly processes, inspection and more. The components are sold as kits to allow for easy design changes and layout flexibility. The components attach directly to the conveyor frame without the need for modification. Kit styles including merge and diverts that are available in multiple configurations.Merge & Diverts• Multiple Kits styleso Divert, Merge, and Merge and Divert o Multiple configurations including 45º, 90º and Parallel• Require pallet or puck stops to be used for product traffic control• Designed for use with Pucks and Pallets with the Pin Tracking System• Requires that the conveyor is equipped with guiding. Cutting and fitting of the guiding is required• Pneumatic diverter. The gate arm location is below the Pin Tracking System, contacts the pallet base puck• Pneumatic diverter position is adjustable in both positions• Height of the divert arm is also adjustableLift & Locate Station• 105 mm Conveyors• ± 0.004"" accuracy• 200 lbs holding force• Includes 1 pallet stop (cushioned & non-cushioned)• Includes sensor mounts• Sensors and pneumatic valves optional• Max usable width = pallet widthPallets• 105 mm Conveyoro 90 mm wideo 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm lengthso Max product load = 20 lbs• Aluminum base plate (1/2"" thick)o Thickness is dependent on load condition• (2) Hardened steel location blocks• Pin Tracking Systemo Pins guide pallet along conveyoro Pallet guide only needed on outside of loopo Pins provide accuracy at stop location• Pallets can be purchased as completed assemblies or as kits allowing end user to fabricate their own top plate• Bumper material available to reduce noise and vibration in accumulated palletsPallet Stops• Pneumatic Stop• Available in Cushioned & Non-Cushioned Models• Capable of back to back pacing• Up to 100 lbs total per pallet stop @ 100 FPM• Lower speed increases load capacity• Higher load options available• Sensor brackets available either on the stop or as a stand alone part• Optional stop position sensors available

Maximize Space in Sanitary Environments with the AquaGard® 7100 Series Stainless Steel Conveyor

The new AquaGard® 7100 Series Stainless Steel Flexible Chain Conveyor is engineered to make tight turns, and be configured for inclines and declines to provide the ultimate in flexibility. This conveyor is ideal for product routing in wipe down sanitary applications.Features:• Sleek Frame Design• Long Conveyor Runs• Multiple Curves• Fast Belt Speeds• Inclines/Declines• Best Product Transfers• Ships in Sub Assemblies• Compact Drive Module• Highest Quality Components7100 Series Conveyor General Specifications:• 300 Series Stainless Steel• All Materials are FDA Approved Plastics or Stainless Steel• Chain Widths: 4 ½"", 7 ½"", 10"" and 12""• Low Friction, Friction Insert, & Roller Top Chain Available. • Load Capacity to 600 lbs• Speed Capacity to 250 ft/min• Lengths up to 100 ft• Plain Bend Corners with 24"" on Centerline Radius• Wheel Bend Corners Available for 4 ½"" Width - Radius = 8"" on Centerline• Incline / Decline Modules up to 30 Degrees• Fully Adjustable, Stainless High Sides, and Adjustable Outboard Guides Available • Powered & Roller Transfers

AquaPruf® and AquaGard® Series - Sanitary Conveyors that Keep You Moving

Dorner’s 7X series of conveyors, also known as our AquaGard and AquaPruf platforms, take food handling conveyors to a whole new level. Designed for fast and effective sanitation and protection from contamination, our 7X line provides the same Dorner quality and flexible designs as all our systems. As the first conveyor platform by Dorner designed solely for the food and medical industries, our AquaPruf series meet BISSC, NSF, and FDA regulations. We are also proud to offer the only USDA certified conveyors in the industry: the AquaPruf 7400 Ultimate and 7600 Ultimate. They are the only modular conveyor on the agency’s list of accepted equipment for the meat and poultry industry.AquaGard® 7200/7300 Series• Flat Belt and Cleated Belt Conveyor Options• Widths: 1.75” (44 mm) to 18” (457 mm)• Lengths: 2’ (610 mm) to 18’ (5,486 mm)AquaGard® 7300 Series• Straight Modular Flat and Cleated Belt, Curved Modular Flat Belt Conveyor, Straight Z-frame Modular Flat and Cleated, and Curved Z-frame Modular Flat Belt Conveyor• Widths: o Curves: 4” (102 mm) to 36” (914 mm)o Straights: 4” (102 mm) to 36” (914 mm) o Z-frame Straights and Curves: 6” (152 mm) to 24” (610 mm)• Lengths: 36” (914 mm) to 83’ (25,298 mm)AquaGard® 7350 Series• Straight Flat and Cleated Belt• Conveyor Widths: 4” to 52” (102mm to 1,321mm)• Conveyor Lengths: 36” to 40’ (914mm to 12,192mm)AquaPruf® 7400 Series• Straight Flat and Cleated Modular Conveyor Belt Models• Curved Flat Modular Conveyor Belt Models• Lengths up to 999” (25,375 mm)• Widths up to 60” (1,524 mm)AquaPruf® 7600 Series• Straight Flat and Cleated Belt Conveyor Models• Z-Frame Flat and Cleated Belt Conveyor Models (0 to 60°+)• Widths up to 60” (1524 mm)• Lengths 36” (914 mm) up to 480” (12.2 m)
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Dorner Mfg. Corp. manufacturers conveyor systems that are flexible, easy to select and easy to integrate. We provide conveyor solutions to achieve improved
Dorner's SmartPace™ - Dynamic Pacing Conveyors

Dorner’s SmartPace™ Conveyors take randomly spaced product and pace them into even spaces. You can create even spaced product or alternating batches.

With an easily programmable HMI interface to control the spacing, speed and orientation, non-contact conveyance, and fast speeds, Dorner's SmartPace Conveyors are the smart solution for product spacing!

Dorner's SmartFlex Conveyors

The new SmartFlex® 2200 Series flexible conveyor from Dorner is a high-performance, modular chain conveyor that is simple to configure and even simplifier to acquire. It zigs. It zags. It goes up, over, or down under. It's ideal for part handling, tight spaces, buffering, accumulation, and elevation changes. And with Dorner's industry leading delivery time, the conveyor can be shipped pre-assembled in only 5 working days.

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