Square Bag offers barrier, easy fill and shelf appeal

By Packaging Digest Staff in Flexible Packaging on June 30, 2014

Square Bag, a new patented flexible packaging solution that incorporates advanced packaging films with a variety of spouts, closures and handles, is now available from Mondi Americas. It is applicable for numerous packaging markets including food, wine, laundry detergent, pet food and motor oil. The Square Bag securely packages powders and granular materials weighing up to 10 lb and liquids up to 1.5 gallons.


Key benefits:

  • Graphics and product information across six panels;
  • Different panels can be constructed using up to 3 different films;
  • Can be fitted with a spout, zipper, slider or hook and loop opening, with label handles on different panels;
  • Adapts to all common filling lines;
  • Filling is done through a spout or extended lips on the bag’s top or bottom;
  • Bag is lighter and less bulky than conventional packaging materials;
  • Package uses less space on pallets and trucks.



Mondi Americas

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