P&G creates 3-chamber pac for new Tide Pods

In a world where innovation and technology are constantly changing the way we live, one facet of daily life has remained relatively untouched for more than five decades. Since the introduction of liquid laundry detergent in the 1980's, there has not been a fundamental shift in how people do laundry. Procter & Gamble is determined to change that with the introduction of new Tide Pods.


Tide Pods are a multi-dimensional laundry detergent that looks different than any other liquid or unit-dose detergent in the market today. The unit-dose detergent features three chambers especially designed to brighten, fight stains and clean. Tide Pods also feature a best-in-class film that dissolves and works effectively in all water temperatures.


Tide Pods are also designed for easy use in any type of washer. Place a pac into the drum of a front or top-loading washing machine before the items to be washed and experience the great clean you expect from Tide without the need to measure, pour or clean up messy spills. As with all laundry products, Tide Pods packages should be kept closed and stored out of reach from children and away from pets and food. Also, because the breakthrough film technology is designed to start dissolving in even the smallest amount of water, pacs should always be handled with dry hands.


"We continuously hear that laundry is a mundane, time-consuming and complicated task," says Alexandra Keith, vp, P&G Fabric Care North America. "We believe that sentiment is a symptom of the lack of meaningful innovation made to fabric care in years. We're excited to introduce a product that will put a spark back in the laundry process."

To create Tide Pods, Tide turned to its consumers and learned that many are disengaged with the laundry process. A multitude of conditions, inconsistent results, bulky jugs and messy spills have contributed to a sense of dissatisfaction in the category.

"After listening closely to families who use our products, we knew we had to deliver a product that would place laundry in line with other practical innovations that have enhanced daily life," Keith says. "This is much more than the introduction of a new scent or benefit. With Tide Pods, laundry can be less of a chore. It's easier, more fun and more consistent."


The development of Tide Pods took eight years, with 75 technical resources dedicated to the project over time, 6,000 consumers involved in research and more than 450 packaging and product sketches. Thanks to a number of science and technology breakthroughs, Procter & Gamble scientists were able to develop a product that would save people time and simplify the laundry routine.

"Laundry can be complex. There are a multitude of factors that influence the results of your laundry. No two loads are the same," says Dawn French, director, P&G Fabric Care Research and Development. "When we first began working on the development of Tide Pods, we knew that we needed a product that would address this complexity and make laundry easier."

Procter & Gamble scientists focused on three areas to create Tide Pods:


Get Small: One small pac delivers accurate dosage and consistent results. Tide Pods are compacted to use less water than traditional detergents, and feature a formula that is only 10 percent water. The Tide Pods packages weigh approximately 50 percent less than comparable packages of liquid detergent—making them much easier to carry and store. The container puts the cleaning power of Tide in the palm of your hand.

Get Multi: Tide Pods' new, patented three chamber design helps to separate such ingredients as hard water modifiers, stain fighters, perfume and whitener so that they remain stable and potent and mix only in the wash water. This allows Tide Pods to deliver a deep-down clean in a range of conditions. 

•Get Cold: A growing number of Americans are washing in cold water. In fact, 40 percent of people do their laundry in cold water most of the time. In response to this, Tide Pods are made with a new, best in class film that dissolves and works effectively in all water temperatures—even those that are nearly freezing. 

Tide Pods will be on shelves nationwide in a variety of sizes in March 2012. Tide Pods will be available in three scents: Spring Meadow, Ocean Mist and Mystic Forest.

Source: Procter & Gamble


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