Complete and custom lines for tablet, powder & liquid applications.

Liquid Fillers - ROTA vial fillers, syringe fillers and ampoule fillers. Small monoblock systems where space is an issue. Tablet counters from small fills to hi speed runs, tablet elevators. Completely integrated lines including unscramblers, cappers, labellers, neck banders, cotton inserters, shrink bundlers. Processing solutions such as Freeze dryers, flexible packaging machines )vertical or horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machine): auger filling, volumetric dosing system, or liquid/pasty dosing system allows for the packaging of the innovative and modern stick packs, sachets and doypacks.


Tablet Counters - SuperCount - semi automatic to high speed - PPS

Is our partner for tablet counting machines, unscramblers and integrated tablet lines with over 20 years’ experience. They have supplied our customers everything from semi-automatic count checking machines to high speed electronic counting systems but their speciality is medium to high-speed machines. PPS tablet counters are accurate and cGMP with state-of-the art counting features at economical prices. One of their specialities is 60 BPM lines of large tablets. PharmaPackaging Systems is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Small bottle filler - VersaBlock - Monoblock system

A monoblock for the automatic filling, plugging and optional capping of your products into vials, small containers with screw caps and pre filled syringes, all on the same machine. Designed for manufacturing environments where a large variety of products must be handled, the VersaBlock features pick and place capping with optional pre-spin to turn the cap as it is applied to the bottle eliminating cross threads.
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Bottling Lines
We offer a complete range of pharmaceutical packaging machinery for vial, syringe and ampule filling and packaging.