Packaging Line Uptime Gets a Customized Boost

To help you maximize production efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness, packaging machinery manufacturer R.A Jones has expanded its services to include machine line evaluations and new training options.

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

March 22, 2022

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Packaging equipment working at maximum effectiveness and knowledgeable packaging line operators directly impact a product’s profitability.

Two new services from packaging machinery manufacturer R.A Jones help brand owners improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and broaden the skill set of employees through concentrated training. These new program elements — machine line evaluations and new training services — join existing program features of audits, preventative maintenance, and field service agreements. Together, these five services allow continuous improvement on packaging lines to maximize uptime and output. Customers can select services they need a la carte, for a customized program that addresses their particular operations.

“Brand manufacturers are faced with meeting higher consumer demand for everyday goods than ever before, coupled with stresses of a strained supply chain, and an ongoing labor shortage,” says Paul Wolf, Director of Customer Service at R.A Jones. “Our expanded asset management program is designed to ease those burdens for customers and help them extract the most value possible from their production lines to ensure they can efficiently meet their output goals. From our initial assessments to our scheduled maintenance visits, our support replaces the break/fix mentality with a proactive, strategic approach that anticipates production needs and connects customers with the right expert resources to max out uptime — every time.”

One benefit of a packaging line evaluation is being able to make the most of valuable facility floor space. And an advantage of the training is it will boost a line operator’s skill in performing diagnostics and repairs quickly and efficiently. Investing in your people with professional development and skill-set building opportunities could help with labor retention.

Wolf gives Packaging Digest a few more details about the expanded services.


Why expand the services, and why now?

Wolf: Continuous improvement is always ongoing. It never stops. In the absence of a time machine and going back in time to start a maintenance program, you have to start one today. If you already have a program and you team up the operators with onsite maintenance and experts from the vendor’s equipment, you build a strong, solid group to increase the effectiveness of your equipment.

The vendor knows the theoretical ideal operation, while the operator knows what is actually happening, and the maintenance team has the overall perspective. By utilizing each of these perspectives, you can change the operation workflow, the design of the parts and/or the product itself to improve the life and output of a system.

You simply have the start, but then must never stop. The best time to plant an oak tree is 30 years ago, but the second-best time is today.


Finding, training, and retaining packaging machinery service technicians is challenging today. How has R.A Jones been able to staff up for these expanded offerings?

Wolf: We use the full network of our company from the HR talent acquisition team, as well as our employees’ network of contacts. In addition, we have worked with the armed forces and technical colleges to find new candidates.


Are these two new services in-person only, or is there some remote component to them?

Wolf: In general, the best way to assess a line and improve its efficiency is to be at the location where production is being executed. This method allows us to assess not only the machines as they run, but also the environment they are in, along with understanding the skill sets of the operators and how they approach various processes.


It sounds like these services are just for existing or new customers of R.A Jones. Is this correct? Or can any company hire the company for packaging machine line evaluations and/or training?

Wolf: We are currently doing evaluations for our own equipment. However, we are exploring the need for doing complete lines with other vendors equipment as well.


What is the pricing structure?

Wolf: The pricing is very dependent on the level of the service. We will do individual quotes for any company that is interested.

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