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An Unboxing Marathon!

Here are the packaging stories and topics you picked as the best of 2023.

dec 3, 2023|
3 Slides
WestPack brings together the leading packaging manufacturers from multiple industries, including food & beverage, medical device, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and personal care, and electronics.
Packaging Design
How Seasonal Packaging Captivates Consumers

Here are four ways seasonal packaging can increase market share and boost brand image in the eyes of customers.

dec 1, 2023|
4 Min Read
New Products
Edible Barrier Packaging for Snacking on the Go

Foodberry borrows from Mother Nature to create a tasty and eco-friendlier packaging alternative to plastic in a case-study example of biomimicry.

nov 21, 2023|
3 Min Read
Flexible Packaging
Recycling Expanded for Multilayer Polyamide Films

BASF’s third-party studies prove broad portfolio of polyethylene/polyamide food packaging structures support “Design for Recycling” guidelines.

nov 30, 2023|
2 Min Read