Special Product Focus: Automation & Controls

April 2, 2015

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Special Product Focus: Automation & Controls

Automation & Controls

Vision sensor

New PresencePLUS® GEO vision sensors perform 360-deg inspections with ease of use. The low-cost P4 GEO checks for correct features regardless of product orientation or position in the sensor's field of view, eliminating expensive and complex mechanical fixturing. The unit performs like a vision sensor, yet facilitates changeover as easily as a standard photoelectric sensor. Users can apply vision sensing in machines and on manufacturing lines where it was previously impractical. Without the need for fixturing, inspection throughputs are increased. The P4 GEO can inspect up to 6,000 parts/min, with typical inspections averaging 1,500 parts/min.

Banner Engineering Corp., 888/373-6767. www.bannerengineering.com Circle No. 337.

Prox sensors

The Extended Range X Series of inductive proximity sensors is available with sensing ranges of 6, 10 and 20 mm, along with the latest addition, 40 mm. With housing diameters of 8, 12, 18 and 40 mm, respectively, the sensors offer 100-percent to 260-percent more range than standard, inductive proximity sensors, the co. says. The sensors are particularly applicable where target ?slop? places the sensor in danger of impact damage, or where target movement necessitates a wider sensing band to eliminate unstable output. The series is IP67-rated with a nickel-plated brass housing and has a Crastin sensing face, making it suitable for use in harsh environments. The sensors feature three-wire PNP output and microquick disconnects, and are nonflush-mountable. They are UL-listed and CSA-, FM- and CE-approved.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 330/486-0001. www.am.pepperl-fuchs.com Circle No. 341.

High-speed digital camera

Offering the latest in CMOS chip technology and computer-enhanced motion analysis, i-Speed is a portable, rugged and fully functional high-speed digital video camera. Featuring frame-capture speeds ranging from 60 to 33,000 frames/sec, it optimizes at an 8003600 resolution. Imagery is stored directly by internal camera memory, with downloads to a CompactFlash card or to a PC via Ethernet. It includes a wired remote control pendant that allows for easy movement around the application.

Olympus Industrial America, Inc., 866/642-4725. www.olympusindustrial.com Circle No. 339.


Proficy(tm) Plant Applications Version 4.1 is the newest version of the co.'s efficiency, quality, production and batch-analysis software application. It offers advanced analysis and drilldown improvements, making it easier to determine product variation. Enhanced security features, auditing, 21CFR Part 11 and e-Signature features allow users to have more secure operations by identifying changes and having access to the system. Capabilities range from integrated quality management and overall equipment effectiveness to production tracking and recipe management. The software offers a unified, easy-to-configure plant model and notification service that enables users to define how products are manufactured, based on plant layout, product specifications and product-routing instructions. It also generates configurable key performance indicators and alarms so that managers can monitor performance and receive notification when exceptions occur, allowing them to make real-time corrections.

GE Fanuc Automation, 800/433-2682. www.gefanuc.com Circle No. 340.

Integrated stepper module

The five-axis integrated stepper module (FAISM) is the latest addition to the co.'s distributed block I/O offering. Capable of directly controlling up to five stepper motors, the unit consumes three of the 77 available block I/O slots on the distributed block network. It includes a stepper translator, facilitating a direct connection between it and eliminating the need for a stepper drive. Five channels of SSI encoder feedback are available on the FAISM for position verification of each stepper motor being controlled. Stepper motion profiles are set up through the main control's application program using PiCPro for Windows. This allows users to program stepper motions using IEC61131 ladder logic and function block or structured text, and to seamlessly integrate the stepper motions with the rest of the machine logic with a single-point programming package.

G&L Motion Control, LLC, 920/921-7100. www.glcontrols.com Circle No. 338.

Mini poppet valves

Type MH2 miniature, fast-switching valves provide a flow rate of 100 L/min while supporting high switching rates (2 to 6 ms). The valve affords repetition accuracy, requiring a 24-VDC power supply and is suitable for fast-moving applications, such as ejection, sorting, adhesive bonding, dosing, pharmaceutical packaging, handling and vacuum. As a direct-controlled pressure-relieved valve with continuous running and three-shift operation, the valve can be controlled directly by a PLC. Operating pressure range for the MH2 is -0.9 to 8 bar with the capability of supporting 3/2-way normally closed and normally open and 5/2-way configuration. The valve has slim features and measures 10 mm wide.

Festo Corp., 631/435-0800. www.festo.com Circle No. 342.

Capacitive sensors

The BC10-QF5.5-AP (N)6X2/S932 capacitive sensor has a covered potentiometer and an all-plastic housing. Featuring an extremely small design that measures 5.5 mm in height, the sensor offers a fully embedded sensing range of 10 mm. Slots and holes in the housing allow for a variety of mounting options, allowing the sensor to fit in tight areas while providing an extended sensing range.

Turck, Inc., 800/544-7769. www.turck.com

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