Sweet results from confectioner’s  quality control systems

March 11, 2015

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Sweet results from confectioner’s 
quality control systems

Marzipan has its origins in the Orient, where it was served at the caliph's table as a special delicacy, and for a long time in Europe, marzipan could only be enjoyed by the elite such as crowned heads, princes and ladies of court. Today, Niederegger marzipan – the epitome of Lübeck marzipan – is one of the most exclusive confectionery delicacies, as it is still made from expensive specially selected Mediterranean almonds.

Lübeck marzipan maker Niederegger, produces marzipan products of the finest quality that even surpass the quality requirements for fine-grade "Lübecker Edelmarzipan". You can taste it in each one of the more than 300 Niederegger specialties, which are produced from raw marzipan paste made 100% from the finest ingredients.

The secret of the traditional recipe for Niederegger marzipan is the exact ratio of almonds to sugar and a secret Niederegger marzipan is famous throughout the world for its quality. "The strict quality demands governing our production processes have been passed down from generation to generation since our founding in 1806," explains Dr. Carsten Mahn, plant manager at Niederegger. "We have worked together successfully with METTLER TOLEDO in the field of product inspection for over 10 years," adds Dr. Mahn.


Metal detectors from SAFELINE are integrated into each of the production lines. On the production line for "Niederegger Schwarzbrot" an R-Series Signature detector with an aperture measuring 700 x 125 mm checks the classic dark chocolate marzipan loaves for metal contamination. Multiple rows of loaves are passed through the metal detector on a wide belt. A retracting belt system automatically removes products that do not meet Niederegger's high quality requirements

R-Series Signature detectors can be integrated into many inspection processes including conveyorised inspection applications. Operation is made easy through an intuitive user interface.

Other features available include dual frequency technology, which provides maximum detection sensitivity across a wide range of different products. Even the tiniest particles of stainless steel which are notoriously difficult to identify can be reliably detected. A further R-Series Signature detector is used for chocolate marzipan products. This detector has an aperture measuring 300 x 75 mm and detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants as small as 0.6 mm in size.


In addition, a dynamic GARVENS S3 checkweigher ensures that the Niederegger products are the correct weight. Any products that are above or below the required weight are ejected from the production process by an automatic sorting function.

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