March 11, 2015

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VP/F III with Integrated Case Erector

Why it is new...

BluePrint Automation’s standard VP/F III now includes our own integrated case erector. 

What it is...

The NEW VHPF is the ideal vertical AND horizontal case packer for high-speed case packing of flexible bags. This system has become the new standard in the potato processing and frozen food industries for case packing of kraft, paper and poly bags.


Ideal for packingbags of frozen potato products such as retail and service food bags of French fries

The benefits…

  • Tightest case cube utilization in industry

  • Reduced breakage

  • Easy changeover

    • o Changeover is facilitated by hand wheel adjustments, quick release handles and

touch-screen operator interface.

  • Fastest throughput in industry

  • Packs both stand-up and flat pack on same machine!

How it works…

The VP/F III is a vertical only case packer that quickly became the standard case packer for the potato industry. The proven system has not been changed to integrate the case erector. Changeover between vertical and horizontal mode takes only 3 minutes. A wide range of vertical and horizontal pack patterns can be realized with the new VHPF. Large 6 lbs food-service bags can be packed vertically at a production rate of 60+ bags per minute, while the ICE can erect up to 14CPM.

Giving you options…

BluePrint Automation will now offer the standard vertical only packer with custom designed add-on module for future horizontal packing.  Please contact BluePrint Automation for more details.

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