Jim Beam raises worker spirits and lowers packaging humidity problems in shipping center

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Jim Beam raises worker spirits and lowers packaging humidity problems in shipping center



Jim Beam Big Ass fan

Jim Beam Brands, the largest U.S.-based spirits company, does most things big (except for small-batch bourbon, of course). One illustration is its Clermont, KY, shipping and distribution center. At 100,000 sq ft and with 30-foot ceilings, the warehouse presented a big challenge when it came to air movement. 

"We have zero ventilation or air movement, other than when we open the large overhead doors to load the trucks," says shipping manager Mike Spencer. "It's such a large facility, and we have so much product in the facility, it's really hard for everyone to get air."

Along with affecting worker comfort, Kentucky's humid climate can also challenge the integrity of the company's corrugated shipping containers. 

"There are enough things built into the corrugate that we can usually maintain, but I have seen issues with the humidity and no air movement," Spencer reports. 

Jim Beam Brands added 24-foot diameter PowerfoilX fans from the Big Ass Fans Co. to keep the facility's air movement as smooth as its bourbon. 


Using a large-diameter, low-speed ceiling fan, Jim Beam facility managers reduced localized moisture issues of corrugated cases, regulated temperatures and provided a more comfortable environment for its employees. Engineered to effectively circulate air in any environment, large diameter, low speed fans move the air slowly, creating quiet, low speed, non-turbulent airflow.

In warmer months, large diameter fans improve employee comfort via a cooling effect, increasing air velocity to create a more comfortable environment for building occupants whether or not an HVAC system is present. In the winter, they help destratify the air, creating uniform temperatures throughout, ceiling to floor, wall to door.

Jim Beam Brands also uses SmartSense365, engineered to maximize both energy savings and comfort through year-round control of Big Ass Fans. SmartSense365 measures temperatures at the workers' level and at the ceiling and puts the fan on autopilot, taking the guesswork out of what airspeed is required to provide for optimal cooling, destratification and energy savings. 

Jim Beam Brands does things big, and its fans are no exception.


Source: Big Ass Fans



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