Healthy beverage mixes it up with unique closure

Jenni Spinner

March 11, 2015

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Healthy beverage mixes it up with unique closure
H2M Beverages


H2M Beverages

The performance beverage/enhanced water market has seen a flood of new brands and products hit the shelves over the past few years. That's a lot of noise to cut through. To stand out above the crowd, brand owners must distinguish with unique formulations, eye-catching labels and well-designed packaging.

With the innovative cap on its 989 On Demand beverage line, H2M Beverages ( has done both. The drinks are all-natural beverages with a balance of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, premium ingredients like Himalayan sea salt, and natural flavorings. Instead of mixing the concoction in a factory and sending the bottles on their merry way, the company came up with a cap that keeps the water and the enhanced ingredients separately. To activate, the consumer twists the cap clockwise to release the vitamins, then counterclockwise to open and enjoy the product.

"Some vitamins when exposed to light and water can dissipate or degrade in as few as 20 minutes," says Greg Piagesi, founder of H2M Beverages. "By keeping the liquid matrix containing all these natural ingredients in an air-tight, UV-safe container, 989 On Demand ensures that they are fresh and offer the greatest bio-availability, making it as effective as it is tasty."

H2M manufactures the cap itself, using medical-grade resin. Piagesi points out that he sees the closure eventually reaching beyond beverages to use in other areas. The clear label, produced by Anchor Printing (, is printed via water-based flexo on 50-micron PETG shrink film. Because there is no continuous-flow ink, it uses a black-light "eye mark" to serve as the marker for the electronic eye that manages cutting/separating of the labels.


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