Multi-layer PP bottles protect nutritional value of drinks

Linda Casey

January 29, 2014

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Multi-layer PP bottles protect nutritional value of drinks
Bottles for new Benefit-Based Ensure Line


Bottles for new Benefit-Based Ensure Line

Abbott has chosen a multi-layer PP bottle to protect the patented ingredients for the company’s new benefit-based Ensure line. Ensure shakes contain multiple vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are formulated to targeted nutrition to help people better meet their health needs. The nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturer says the PP bottles used in conjunction with bottle caps made from steel and PP are the optimal choice for its hot-fill process because the two materials work together to create a high quality, repeatable seal and sterilize the product during production.

Each bottle is decorated with a polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) shrink-sleeve, which are gravure-printed using up to eight colors, with the combination of spot and process colors depending on the specific shake.

Abbott has revamped the product line's labeling to help consumers can find the product that’s relevant to their health needs on the shelf. The new bottles are designed to clearly introduce new beneficial ingredients in addition to create a streamlined look for the entire portfolio that also points out the health benefit of each shake.

This labeling addresses a need uncovered by Abbott in its consumer research. The company found that consumers aged 45 to 64 and 65 to 74 are looking for products to help manage specific aspects of their health, such as muscle, immune or bone health. The study involved 6,000 consumers.

The package redesign also may help the Abbott capture a growing market. The company remarks that
Baby Boomers, the first of which will turn 65 in January 2011, are proactive about healthy aging, including adopting proper nutrition and solutions that support health goals. Abbott says this is fueling the growth of the lifestyle nutrition category, with sales estimated at nearly $2 billion annually today and are expected to double in the next five years.


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