New Book Reveals the Secrets of Liquid Filling

You can get the perfect fill every time. Subject matter expert John R. Henry shows you how in this easy-to-read guide.

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

May 6, 2024

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Secrets of Liquid Filling book
John R. Henry

At a Glance

  • The 240-page illustrated book gives an overview of liquid filling, then dives deep into the nitty details.
  • In eight chapters, the book covers all types of filling technologies for different markets using all kinds of packages.
  • Bulk pricing available.

Changeover wizard John R. Henry has done it again. His latest book on packaging machinery, Secrets of Liquid Filling: Getting the Perfect Fill Every Time, shares details only an insider knows.

Such as, the big picture:

“Some products, such as water, are relatively easy to handle. Others can be much more difficult. Cherry pie filling is thick and contains fragile, whole, cherries that must not be broken in the process. Suspensions need to be kept in constant circulation to prevent setting. Pharmaceutical and food fillers have particularly stringent requirements to prevent bacterial, particulate and other contamination. Other products are flammable or explosive and the filler must be designed to address the fire hazard.”

Or intimate details:

“A rotary peristaltic pump consists of a semi-circular housing into which a section of resilient tubing is laid. The critical requirements of the tubing are its ability to resist repeated deformation without damage or particulate shedding.”

Or business implications:

“As the cost of volumetric filling technology continues to come down, it has become feasible even for low-cost products like water.”

Henry is owner of, a consulting firm that helps companies find and fix the causes of inefficiencies in their packaging operations. He has been a regular contributor to Packaging Digest for more than 10 years.

Henry continues to share his knowledge and expertise to the benefit of packaging professionals in a variety of markets. In eight chapters, he talks about filling all types of products, from alcoholic beverages and pie filling to sterile pharmaceuticals and caulk. He addresses handling different containers, too, from plastic bottles and collapsible tubes to aseptic vials and metal cans.

The 240-page illustrated book sells for a single-paperback price of $59.95 (or $49.95 for a digital Kindle copy) on Amazon. You can read a sample here as well.

Henry tells me that he offers “generous” bulk pricing for orders of five books or more. Reach out to him for that at [email protected] or call 787-550-9650.

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Lisa McTigue Pierce

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