Interpack show shaping up

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February 1, 2014

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Interpack show shaping up


The triennial Interpack exposition will feature exhibits of packaging machinery, materials and containers, and confectionery processing equipment. Among the industry segments represented will be food and luxury foods, confectionery, chemicals, cosmetics, beverages, snack foods, and technical consumer goods. For more information on the show, see the February '02 issue of Packaging Digest. Exhibitor-advertisers in this issue are identified by the blue dot in front of their name. Refer to Ad Index (p. 96) to locate more information.

Entrance passes, a show catalog and public transportation passes for Interpack 2002 can be obtained in advance from Düsseldorf Trade Shows. All visitor, exhibitor and press entrance passes allow free use of all public transportation in Düsseldorf during the days of the show. Passes and catalogs purchased in advance save 20 percent off the cost at the show. Cost for a one-day pass is $26; a three-day pass is $58. A printed or CD-ROM version of the show directory is $24. These prices for North American visitors are available only from the U.S. office. Passes or directories purchased at the show must be paid in Euros.

For more information, contact Düsseldorf Trade Shows at 312/781-5180 or fax 312/781-5188. To make hotel and travel arrangements, contact Travel Trade Intl. at 212/674-3476 or fax 212/674-3477. Circle No. 626.

• Acma GD–Sugar and chocolate confectionery packaging machines include FT 600 vertical cartoner for hard candy and tablets that reaches speeds up to 600 cartons/min, new GD 100 intermittent-motion double-end twist-wrapping machine, 800 Series wrappers and the SP-2 hf/f/s machine for food products. Circle No. 627.

All-Fill Intl.–Auger fillers, volumetric piston fillers; checkweighing and product feeding equipment. Circle No. 628.

AMP Rose–Candy-wrapping machines include 26 DM for foil-wrapped chocolates, 71ST/L for lolipops, 750T cut-and-twist-wrap machine, Super 42HST high-speed cut-and-twist-wrap machine. The AMP/FPM Miniflow cuts and wraps products at 1,000/min. A Gainsborough Engineering GV2K3 vf/f/s machine will be equipped with a Yamato scale. Also, a Premiertronic flow-wrapper for potato chip bags. Circle No. 629.

Angelus Machine–Can filling and seaming machinery. Circle No. 630.

Aries Packaging–From France, new generation of Ariform and Ariglass sleeving machines integrate a second blank magazine to increase production capacities. The machines can handle up to 400 packs/min and feature servo control technology. Circle No. 631.

• Automated Packaging Systems–Autobag® line of automatic bagging systems. Circle No. 632.

AVE Industries–Bottling and packaging systems for sterile and aseptic conditions. Circle No. 633.

Avery Dennison–Printer/applicator systems. Circle No. 634.

B&H Labeling Systems–New en hanced BH8000 roll-fed labeler improves labeling accuracy at speeds exceeding 800 cpm. New computerized registration system (CRSw) automatically maintains optimum registration. Labels containers from 220 mL to 3L and offers fast changeovers via a new variable-pitch main starwheel that eliminates traditional chain adjusments. Circle No. 635.

BluePrint Automation– Cartoning and case/tray packing machines. Circle No. 636.

Bosch Rexroth AG–VarioFlow chain conveyor systems offer fast links between machines. Modular VarioFlow offers an innovative drive concept and different chain selections for fast material handling links between packaging machines. Circle No. 637.

• Robert Bosch– Vf/f/s and packaging machines. Circle No. 638.

149585-0302interpack3.jpg • Bossar–Hf/f/s pouch machinery. Circle No. 639.

• BP Chemicals–PP resins. Circle No. 640.

Bradman Lake–New SlimLine SL904 carton end loader with overhead robotic product insertion cuts machine width and facilitates access to the loading area. SL6000 automatic indexing cartoning with servo drives and electronic controls delivers 100 cpm and repeatable size changes. Top-loading line features Propack robotic racetrack collator/pick-and-place loader. Circle No. 641.

Cape Systems–Cape Pack palletizing and packaging design software saves time and money in distribution. Includes Millennium Edition and Web Page Publisher versions that can help create catalogs and web pages containing packaging and palletizing specifications. Circle No. 642.

Cavanna–From Italy, a wrapping line with the Zero9 single-pack, a Zero5 multipack, and a robotic unit to wrap chocolate "tablets" at 600 packs/min. The type Zero5 machine features special electronic controls. Type Zero1 wraps samplers while a flow-wrapper accommodates round sandwiches. Circle No. 643.

Cermex–Case erectors, packers; palletizers; shrink wrappers. Circle No. 644.

CFS Convenience Food Systems–Solutions for ready meals and meal components, and case-ready and sliced meat and cheeses consist of preparation, processing and packaging equipment with a range of top and bottom web packaging material choices. Circle No. 645.

Covan Vision Systems–Integrated packaging inspection system for pharmaceutical packaging lines features blister inspection and bar-code reading. Circle No. 646.

Crown Cork & Seal Specialty Packaging–Sharing its stand with Britain's Metal Packaging Mfr. Assn., the Specialty Packaging div. will provide a general presentation about its business, details on its promotional tins, pails, tubs, cans, bottles and many custom packages, and present some if its success stories. Circle No. 647.

Domino–Ink-jet and laser coding equipment. Circle No. 648.

Easyprint A/S–Programmable thermal-transfer coders. Circle No. 649.

ELAU–PacDrive M open-architecture, PC-based system for motion control. Circle No. 650.

Enercon Industries–Matrix System is a new concept that is said to speed up conduction heat-sealing lines and increase output by 10 to 50%. Circle No. 651.

Euroimpianti–End-of-line systems, such as palletizing robots for handling shipping cases and shrink-wrapped trays, bags, cans and rolls, include the Skilled 504 LGV laser-guided vehicle and the new Skilled 101 small palletizing robot. Circle No. 652.

Eurosicma–Automatic infeed and packaging line that flow-wraps candy bars, a high-speed, electronic flow-wrapper for candies, an electronic cut-and-wrap machine and an electronic wrapping machine for biscuits. Circle No. 653.

ExxonMobil Chemical Films–Metallyte® 18MM348; Bicor® XB635, ICT, 21XB721, and 32AX777, Lithor™ 50XA002. Circle No. 654.

FlexLink Systems–Conveyors. Circle No. 655.

• Focke & Co.–Case packers include new servo-controlled belt stacker for fragile products, Model 491 top-loading pick-and-place machine, Model 488 side-loading packer, which operates at speeds to 24 cpm, and high-speed infeeds, such as Model 492 multiaxis manipulator. Circle No. 656.

Fuji-Seal Europe–Labeling machines; bottle sleeving machines. Circle No. 657.

Garvens Automation–Highly accurate checkweighing systems. Circle No. 658.

Gerhart Schubert–New TLM robotic packaging machines for high-speed collating, loading and pick-and-place offer improved sanitation and require up to 30% less space than previous co. machines. Eight TLM 2- and 4-axis robotic packaging machines will be demonstrated, including the new TLM family with accessibility to all moving parts. Also, the SK1 case erector featuring five servo drives for quick changeover and the A series gantry robot. Circle No. 659.

Greif Bros.–Solutions for semi-bulk packaging include a range of shipping containers and closure systems. Six business solutions will be highlighted, including offerings from Van Leer Industrial Packaging. Circle No. 660.

Groninger & Co.–Case/tray packing, ampule/vial-filling equipment. Circle No. 661.

Harland Machine Systems–Labeling technology. Circle No. 662.

Hueck Foils L.L.C.–Foils and films for healthcare and food applications, improved Proteccow anti-counterfeiting blister foils, a new compliance device e-blister that incorporates a blister-pack with conductive lines to enhance patient regimen compliance, new heat-resistant digital print with special security features and a high-performance, cold-formable foil for extreme machine requirements. Circle No. 663.

Huhtamaki–Rigid and flexible packaging for food and other consumer applications, thin-walled plastic and paper packaging for ice cream, margarine, spreads and yogurt, a Sealright in-plant container-forming concept, adapted to European requirements, high-performance laminates used in sterilizable standup pouches, molded fiber packaging and award-winning packs from all parts of the globe. Circle No. 664.

Ilapak–New Vegatronic 2000 vf/f/s bagger has been redesigned for increased speed and enhanced options, the Carrera 3000 PC with integrated smart-belt feeding for speeds of 1,000/min, Carrera SC (smart card) packaging line and multilane pouch machines, MAP equipment and automated product-handling systems for fresh and frozen foods, powders, liquids and nonfoods. Circle No. 665.

IMA–New Kilian Synthesis 500 mid-size tablet press is designed for easy cleaning. Die-table can be removed without taking out the punches. Force feeder and tablet discharge are hinged and swing out for easy access. Hydraulic overload system ensures that punches don't break in the event of overload. Reaches speeds of 360,000 tablets/hr. Circle No. 666.

Imaje–New coding and marking solutions include enhanced ink-jet coding and laser-marking systems, a new range of labelers and a new line of large-character printers. Circle No. 667.

Inex Vision Systems–New InSpect 100 and 500 modular, turnkey inspection systems for general packaging applications, software integration solutions and InSpectServer data-management solutions. Circle No. 668.

Inprint–Line of extended-text leaflet labels and new pharmaceutical and clinical trial sections. Circle No. 669.

Intralox–New-Tech modular plastic conveyor belts offer safe handling of shipping cases and other packages at a low cost. Roller-top belts in the 2400, 1400, 400 and 400 Transverse Roller-Top belt line will be on display. Rollers on the new TRT belt's top surface are positioned at 90 degrees to the belt's direction of travel. Series 1100 flush-grid friction-top belt features permanent, rubber-top surfaces co-molded to the plastic modules. Circle No. 670.

• IWKA PacSystems–New mini compact packaging line for cosmetics and personal care items combines multiple components within a single sku item by teaming tube filling and cartoning into a small, automated footprint. IWK TFS 10 tube filler forms a link to a Jones mini compact vertical cartoning machine by way of an integral automated transfer. Circle No. 671.

Kallfass Verpackungmaschinen–Automatic CM side sealer Servo Jet 400/150 efficiently wraps printing products, data carriers, software packs, or game or chocolate boxes. New servo-drive technology teams with high-end PC-based technology (ELAU) in a single control system. Circle No. 672.

Kettner–Tray packers/shrink wrappers. Circle No. 673.

KHS Maschinen- und Anlagenbau–Robotic container handling. Circle No. 674.

Kisters Maschinenbau GmbH–New member of the 30 Series machinery, the SW-35 shrink wrapper will be coupled with the WA-30 wraparound tray packer, operating at speeds up to 30 trays/min. Integrated robotic technology will demonstrate insertion of promotional items into the package before it's shrink-wrapped. Circle No. 675.

Kliklok-Woodman–New Concorde SFR small-footprint horizontal cartoner, Certiwrap wraparound paperboard sleeve cartoner, ECT-500 top-load hot-melt carton and tray former and Cyclone vf/f/s bagmaker, coupled with a 14-scale combination weigher. Circle No. 7XX

Klöckner Hansel Prozesstechnik–Processing equipment. Circle No. 676.

Klöckner Medipak–Vertical, multilane sachet machines. Circle No. 677.

• Klöckner Pentaplast–Vinyl, polyester, Barex, Aclar-laminated and PVDC-coated films; TDO shrink film for over wrapping bottles, cans, jars, multipacks and cap seals; MDO films for p-s labels. Circle No. 678.

• Krones AG–New Wrapapac for beverage, food and nonfood applications will be launched by Krones, together with its sub., Kettner Gmbh. Handles full-wraparound cartons, with or without partitions in trays with or without shrink film or pads. Variopac continuous-motion tray 150169-0302interpack4.jpgpacker/shrink wrapper creates variable, product-specific sales packs. Robot 2A linear robot combines palletizing of nonreturnable and returnable containers. New Variocart carton erector succeeds the proven KAF 2000. Modular system outputs 35 cartons/min, depending on folding carton sizes. Operates with an in-line blank magazine. Circle No. 679.

Langguth–New E 29 hot-melt glue labeler applies patch labels onto angular plastic containers. New V 81 together with E32 wet-glue labeler will process pails. Labeling machines are designed for decreasing batch sizes. Also, standard and special p-s, hot-melt and wet-glue labelers and the E 62, which labels PET bottles with wraparound labels at speeds from 24,000 to 60,000/hr. New V 82 pail destacker can be linked with HE 36 p-s labeler for cylindrical and oval containers. Circle No. 680.

Laudenberg–Pouch/zipper-applicating f/f/s machines. Circle No. 681.

Linx Printing Technologies–Laser-based coding solutions, including Xymark dot-matrix laser coders. Circle No. 682.

Lock Inspection Systems–Touchscreen control panel for MET 30+ metal detector incorporates ADC software into its panel. Data can be viewed on the screen rather than from a networked PC or laptop. Provides onscreen diagnostic tool to optimize metal detection performance. Circle No. 683.

Loma Systems–Metal detection and x-ray inspection equipment. Circle No. 684.

Loveshaw Europe–Case seakers, erectors; ink-jet printers; label applicators. Circle No. 685.

Marchesini Verpackungsmaschinen–Cartoning, multipacking, case packing; automatic tube filling and closing; labeling. Circle No. 686.

Marden Edwards–Overwrapping machinery. Circle No. 687.

Markham–SmartLase™ laser coder for primary packages; SmartDate® thermal-transfer coders; proprietary Touch Dry™ solid ink. Circle No. 688.

Mengibar S.A.–Level, volume and weight fillers, cappers and monoblock filler. Cappers for food, pharmaceutical, personal care, household and chemical applications. New Trigger pump unscrambling, orienting, inserting and tightening machine is available for outputs from 60 to 400 units/min. New MRW-800 rotary vial washer outputs up to 180 vpm. Circle No. 689.

Mettler-Toledo–Scales, checkweighing systems. Circle No. 690.

Milliken Chemical–Hyperform HPN-68 nucleating agent promises to significantly boost PP production speeds. Desired resin properties and cost can be "tuned" through the appropriate usage level. Also, new ClearTint liquid colorants for PP, UV stabilizers for PET, such as new ClearShield that protects contents of PET containers against UV light damage, and Twin and ISBM PP products made with Millad 3988 clarifying agent. Circle No. 691.

Multivac–Rollstock-forming machines include T 500 tray sealer and new T 200 for small-volume applications. T 400 medium-sized tray sealer features 10-min changeovers and can sealcontainers in different sizes, shapes and materials. Will be shown with DreamSteam containers. B500 conveyorized machine offers high outputs even with large containers. Circle No. 692.

Newman Labeling Systems–New Model S250 pharmaceutical standard vial and bottle labeler. Circle No. 693.

Nordson Deutschland Gmbh–Offering adhesive application equipment, new Saturn in-line filters, new applicator head technology and new adhesive application technology for sift-proof applications. Circle No. 694.

Novembal–Closure for new beverage containers. Circle No. 695.

OCME–Depalletizers, fillers, wraparound case packers, shrink wrappers, robotic palletizers. Circle No. 696.

P P Payne–The Rippatape™ 80 provides simple opening for corrugated and fiberboard cartons. The Vaktape™ Plus is a new tear tape for hermetically sealed packs. Circle No. 697.

• Pactiv Sentinel–Specialty packaging supplier, including films, bags, zippers. Circle No. 698.

PIAB Vacuum Products–Providing a new range of USDA-approved vacuum conveyors for powders and granulates in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Circle No. 699.

Polypack–The patented robotic infeed loads unstable oval, rectangular or round products onto a shrink wrapper. The machine will pick and place the shrink-wrapped product, and load it onto a pad, tray, case or wraparound machine. Circle No. 700.

Posimat, S.A.–The automatic Posiflex unscrambler accepts a variety of bottles without changeparts. Circle No. 701.

Ranpack BV–Producer of a paperboard packaging system. Circle No. 702.

RIPACK-SEFMAT–Shrink-wrapping equipment, heat-shrink guns, bag sealers, pallet hooders and automatic shrink machines. Circle No. 703.

Romaco–The Hapa 730 digital UV printer combines digital data flow with the security of UV flexo printing. The system uses UV ink in any PMS color. Circle No. 704.

Ronchi America LLC–Offering the filling/capping monobloc Model Exacta, the Rotomatic bottle unscrambler and the C-series, new-generation case packer. Circle No. 705.

Rose Forgrove–Flowpak wrappers with speeds to 500 ppm, for hermetic seal, gas flush and barrier film packaging. Circle No. 706.

rose plastic USA, L.P./GmbH–Protective packaging for high-value precision tools and spare parts. Circle No. 707.

• Rovema Packaging Machines–Exhibiting the TLS top loading system, the VPK 260, the CMV connected with USP-WA-TD/I, and the VPK 260 with integrated splicer. Circle No. 708.

Safeline Metal Detection–Exhibiting its latest range of digital metal detection and rejection systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Circle No. 709.

Sandicare Packaging Machinery–Displaying the TG350-RC continuous-motion bagmaker. The co. will be co-exhibiting with its sister companies Rose Forgrove, Lagnepac and Molins ITC. Circle No. 710.

Sasib Packaging System S.p.A–High-speed electronic wrapper for biscuits on edge, coupled with a patented product-transferring unit of high technological contents. Circle No. 711.

150169-0302interpack4.jpg Sasib Packaging ITALIA SRL–Displaying the new Ricciarelli SB20 block-bottom bag former. This dedicated machine has been coupled with the Ricciarelli VS120, a continuous-motion packaging machine. Circle No. 712.

• SATO Europe–Thermal-transfer printers. Circle No. 713.

Schmalbach-Lubeca–Cans, bottles, closures. Circle No. 714.

Sequist Closures–Standard and specialty dispensing closures and systems for the personal care, household, and food and beverage industries. Circle No. 715.

Serac–Rotary fillers for liquids or powders; ESL and aseptic filling technology; cappers. Circle No. 716.

Sicht-Pack Hagner–Folding cartons in all shapes and sizes in clear foil technology. Circle No. 717.

SICK AG–Industrial sensors, safety controls, bar-code scanners and environmental monitors.Circle No. 718.

• SIDEL S.A.–The co. will unveil two interrelated systems for PET bottling: the blow/fill/cap machine, SRS-G 20/90/120/20, and an accumulation table combiner. Circle No. 719.

• Shure-Glue Systems–Offering hot-melt systems and quality replacement parts for packaging applications. The products are custom-engineered. Circle No. 720.

Skinetta Pac-Systems–Providing stretchbanding, case-packing and palletizing machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Circle No. 721.

SMI S.p.A.–Exhibiting the WP450 P wraparound case packer, SR 12 rotary stretch/blow molder for PET bottles, and the HA handle applicator. Circle No. 722.

SIG Corpoplast/SIG HAMBA–Presenting the blow molding-filling monoblock, Blomax 16-Series III; presenting the HAMBA BK 33010 FA aseptic bottle filling and closing machine. Circle No. 723.

SIG Pack Systems AG–Displaying the SIGHSM wrapping machine, with the SIGTTL-pi top-loader unit in a comprehensive packaging system. Also being exhibited is the SIGHSF flow-wrapping machine that produces a new type of resealable packaging. Circle No. 724.

SIG Transver AG–The Transver "Wash-Down" belt system for handling and packaging of fresh and frozen food. Circle No. 725.

SIG Elettric 80–Introducing the Freeway™ System for end-of-line palletizing and material handling applications. Circle No. 726.

SIG Sapal S.A. –Displaying the high-speed die-fold wrapper, DPN7, designed for high flexibility in respect to size range, product shape and packaging materials. Circle No. 727.

SIG Demaurex–Exhibiting the Delfi Feed Placer with vision-guided high-speed Delta robots feeding product directly into a wrapper infeed chain at up to 400 ppm. Circle No. 728.

SIG DOBOY–The Linium 301 horizontal wrapper can overwrap both food and nonfood products in flexible packaging material for protection. Circle No. 729.

SIG Simonazzi/SIG Alfa–Displaying the Alfa Rollquattro, a roll-fed labeler, and the Stilljet filler, dedicated to filling noncarbonated beverages in PET bottles. Circle No. 730.

Solus Industrial Innovations–Designs and manufactures components for conveyors and machines in many industries. Circle No. 731.

3M–Packaging tapes and tape dispensing units. Circle No. 732.

• Trine/Label-Aire–Roll-fed labeling machinery. Circle No. 733.

UCB Films PLC–Displaying cellophane and BOPP films for packaging in the bakery, snacks and confectionery industries. Circle No. 734.

Valco Cincinnati–The Thermojet II® hot-melt units offer a selection of system components. Circle No. 735.

Volpak–Horizontal pouch machines; vertical bagging; cartoning; case packing. Circle No. 736.

Weber/Bluhm System–Demonstrating a range of labeling and coding systems, including the new Model 5200 printer-applicator. Circle No. 737.

• Willett–Small-character ink-jet printers; label printer-applicators; thermal-transfer printers; and inks, solvents and transfer ribbons. Circle No. 738.

Windmoller & Holscher–F/f/s machinery. Circle No. 739

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