Packaging-Focused Job Site Opens for Business

Frustrated by his own job-hunting experience, Andrew Frazer launched the “My Packaging Career” website this summer devoted to packaging professionals and employers.

August 16, 2023

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Andrew Frazer

For those seeking employment or having a position to fill, there are well-known websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and more. However, for packaging professionals, the recently launched My Packaging Career is one of a select few devoted to this specialized market.

The site, which has the tagline “Unbox What’s Next,” went live in June. It came about after founder Andrew Frazer grew frustrated by his own job-hunting effort after transitioning from a technical to a commercial role and following a layoff last fall.


“That solidified the need for a more concise, tailored resource for talented packaging professionals,” he tells Packaging Digest. “With the amount of raw material suppliers, converters, and brands representing functions from engineering to sales, procurement and far more, there is a sea of opportunity in the industry. However, knowing where to look and who to talk to can be challenging and time consuming. The challenges for employers are similar but inverted. The focus of my site allows candidates and employers to eliminate the time and energy spent on sorting through all non-packaging related material and streamline the hiring process. Also, I never would have found my last two roles through a major job aggregate board by searching ‘packaging’”.

The site offers 13 categories of candidates from R&D/Engineering (the most popular category) to Project Management to Sustainability and more. For example, at the time of publication there were 22 job openings in R&D/Engineering, including for a Director of Food Packaging.

According to Frazer, the pricing structure is $99 for standard posts for 30 days and $299 for featured posts for 30 days. Standard roles are currently free of charge and featured posts are discounted to $149 until September, he adds.

Last month Frazer officially announced the debut of My Packaging Career on LinkedIn. The reaction was highly and enthusiastically favorable. Examples of comments…

“Awesome job and congrats Andrew Frazer Such a needed resource for the industry.”       — Michael C. Newhouse, Director of Marketing, Ecommerce & Sales at Be Green Packaging

Congratulations on the launch Andrew!! Looks really good and love the purpose behind the project! Good luck!”  —  Amit Kelkar Ph.D. MBA RAC-CT Healthcare Management

“Love this resource! Super easy to navigate. Well done!”  —  Lindsey Barbee, Energizer | Strategic Thinker | Clear Communicator

It was exactly the publicity and proverbial shot in the arm Frazer needed right out of the box.

“The response to my initial LI post about the site was overwhelming,” he says. “The amount of support and feedback I received really gave me confidence that this is a needed piece to the packaging-industry puzzle.”

Frazer reports that just since the launch, has seen thousands of visitors, new postings weekly, and regular submissions of candidate and employer profiles.

“The buzz alone still hasn’t really died down, and we’ve got some really neat partnerships in the works that will tie together different resources and facets of the packaging world,” he adds.

Frazer is bullish on current job market conditions.

“We’re seeing an upswing in the current job market, in my opinion. I’m seeing considerably more job openings today than six to eight months ago. In general, I believe people are feeling better about the outlook of the economy, which exacerbates the urge to bring new talent on-board. To candidates reading this, now is a great time to take advantage of this ‘Bull Market’”!


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