SouthPack features materials, machinery

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February 1, 2014

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SouthPack features materials, machinery

The two-day SouthPack show brings 250 exhibitors of packaging machinery and machinery components, closures and containers, materials and services to the Georgia World Congress Center on April 30 and May 1. The show includes three special-feature product pavilions–Cosmetic & Personal Care Packaging, Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Packaging, and Materials Handling/Logistics.

The conference program on both days comprises two tracks. Wednesday's sessions are Medical Device Packaging: New Opportunities and New Technologies for Beverage Packaging. Thursday's program includes Controlled Temperature Packaging: New Opportunities and Bar Coding Unit Doses and Patient Safety. Conference fees are $145 for one day or $245 for two days, if paid by April 4. On-site registration is $195 and $295, respectively.

The exhibition runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. The conference is held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. both days. The show is managed and produced by Canon Communications. For further information, call 310/445-4200 or visit Circle No. 201.

Women in Packaging Leadership Summit
Women in Packaging and Canon Communications have organized a special program to provide professional guidance, leadership tactics and packaging know-how. The full-day conference will be held Tuesday, April 29 at the Westin Peachtree Plaza; the fee includes SouthPack registration. The summit gives attendees the opportunity to meet others with packaging experience and will offer career transformation and professional advice, career management and advancement tips, networking secrets and information for developing a personal marketing strategy. Registration is $129 for members and $179 for nonmembers. Further information is available at

A.P. Dataweigh Systems-724: New EZ-Touch touchscreen controller with Windows operating system; also the new CR1 high-speed checkweigher for bottles, cans and tubs.

149260-orangedot.jpg Advanced Poly Packaging-1139: Poly bags and bagging equipment. Circle No. 202.

All American Containers-732: Plastic, glass and metal containers for food, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Allen Field-1221: Plastic handles, hangers, clips and hang-tabs; plastic molding and decorating, metal stamping and powder coating.

All-Fill/Alpha Checkweigher-1005: Auger fillers, both clutch-brake and servo-driven; piston fillers and product feeders; production rates to 350 cpm. Also, in-motion weighing systems with speeds to 300 cpm.

Alloyd-1031: Blister and clamshell packaging.

Allstate Can/Allcanwest-1415: Metal packaging, including slip-cover decorative tins, single- and multiple-friction cans, seamless tins and flexible-seal and easy-open tins.

Alpha Dot-503: New Merlin 700 high-resolution ink-jet printers reduce cost of labeling by 90%. Also Connect Software that runs from any PC.

Alum-A-Lift-1400: Lifts for heavy rolls and lifting/dumping totes.

American Foam-842: Custom foam packaging, including Sim-U-Vel for unique presentations.

149260-orangedot.jpg AMS Filling Systems-406: Auger and gear-pump fillers. Circle No. 203.

ASI Meltpro-1421: M-series hot-melt applicator heads to fit Nordson; single-module head can adapt up to four modules; new stainless-steel hot-melt handguns.

149260-orangedot.jpg Associated Packaging-603:Stretch wrappers, baggers, f/f/s shrink wrap, tray lidder, tapers, print-and-apply labelers, feeders, strapper, automatic L-sealer. Circle No. 204.

AT Information Products-432: Introducing Autoprint® high-performance thermal ink-jet printer system, a high-production system for on-demand, just-in-time identification.

149260-orangedot.jpg Auto Labe-1125: New family of print-and-apply systems, including the premium Model 155. Circle No. 205.

149260-orangedot.jpg Automated Packaging Systems-1011: Automated bagging equipment. Circle No. 206.

Barcode ID Systems-717: Automotive compliance labeling system specifically for GM parts suppliers; integrates with supplier's host system to gather time-sensitive shipment data and to generate labels.

Batching Systems-939: Batchmaster® counters with part detection determined by volume can reject batches of under- and oversized parts. Fast Automatic Weighers are single-head, bowl-fed with patented dual-chamber accumulators and continuous-run speed.

Beckhoff Automation-1039: CX1000 integrated controller is DIN-rail-mountable and is capable of motion control to replace mechanical linkage.

149260-orangedot.jpg Belcor Industries-907: BEL 652 fully automatic case former and bottom sealer for speeds up to 15 cpm. Circle No. 207.

Better Label and Products-859: Up to 8-color labels, semi- and fully automatic applicators, print-and-apply applicators.

Bottlemate-1213: New containers, especially aluminum decorated containers.

Buckhorn-624: Extended-length bulk box stores long, wide and odd-sized parts and products up to 2000 lb. Drop door options on both long and end walls.

Bulk-Pack-1513: Bags that meet or exceed test standards and are DOT-approved; also Pel bag, which features full-bottom discharge.

CAB Technology-307: A-Series thermal/thermal-transfer printers with ease-of-use graphic LCD display, navigator pad; Hermes thermal-transfer printers coupled with co.'s applicators can apply labels downwards, sideways and upwards.

Card Pak-620: Printing, coating and die-cutting techniques for visual carded packaging.

Cermex-541: Corrugated packaging machinery, shrink wrappers and palletizers for end-of-line supply.

Cleartec Packaging (Div. of Mocap, Inc.)-1215: New hanging tubes with convenient, built-in hanger for retail applications.

149260-orangedot.jpg Cognex-1326: High-performance In-Sight machine-vision sensors in a number of automatic inspection and code-reading applications. Circle No. 208.

Control & Motion-325: Launching the Unidrive SP, which features five operating modes: V/f, open- and closed-loop vector, servo and regeneration.

Control Micro Systems-345: The co. designs industrial turnkey laser systems to mark products and packaging.

CVC Technologies-538: 1220 automatic tablet/capsule counter filler, newest Hawk bar-code reader/labeler, SelfSet labeling machines for wraparound, top, front/back/wrap applications and ampules. Circle No. 209.

D.H. Nelson Assoc.-416: Display MRM Elgin rotary piston filler, Lock Inspection checkweighers and metal detectors, Heimann Systems x-ray inspection machines, Universal Labeling Systems Sl100 p-s labeler.

Datamax-414: Products for bar-code labeling, including thermal-demand printers, labels, tickets and tag materials.

149260-orangedot.jpg Diagraph-405: IJ/3000 large-character ink-jet system, the ALP/4500 automated labeling system, and the Linx 6800 small-character ink-jet system, including the brand new Spectrum model designed to print high-contrast white inks on dark surfaces. Circle No. 210.

Digital Design-1107: The HR-3200 high-resolution large-character ink-jet printer is capable of printing high-resolution text, bar codes and graphics onto secondary packaging such as corrugated cartons.

Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers-334: Inexpensive line of p-s label dispensers for roll labels and computer printouts.

149260-orangedot.jpg Display Pack-846: Printed packaging: folding cartons, blister cards, clamshell cards; thermoforms, blisters, clamshells, display boxes, trays and trifold clamshells. Circle No. 211.

Do-It Corp.-408: Manufactures hang-tabs for the packaging and merchandising display industries.

Engipac North America-1001: Demo of netweight filling with no foam and no dripping using magnetic nozzle. Provides quick and easy CIP.

Exlar-325: Products include the GSX Series units with the T-LAM™ segmented stator design and the SLG series gearmotor line.

Fedex Custom Critical-1207: Air-ride suspension, pads, straps and temperature control for shipments that require special care in handling.

Fenner Drives-1224: Standard custom power transmission and motion transfer components.

149260-orangedot.jpg Fibreform Containers-858: Molded pulp protective packaging made from recycled paper. Circle No. 212.

Firstline-1445: Producing bubble packaging up to 120 in. wide in all combinations.

Fred H. Williams-1231: Marking, coding and labeling equipment. Also, new packaging and material handling systems.

Freeman-1455: Manufacturers of quality die-cutting presses from 8 to 2,500 tons in pressure.

Genpak-511: The co. extrudes prints and converts side-seal bags, bottom-seal bags, patch-handle, die-cut handle and draw-tape bags, among others.

Glue Dots Intl.-743: FDA-compliant Glue Dots® can be permanent, removable and freezer-grade.

GN Plastics-1413: New TM line of compact thermoformers and GN 1406TM and GN 1407TM.

Hardy-Graham-634: Now offering custom-designed wood bins/collars on plastic pallets.

Harland America-951

Heartland Industrial Group-150

Heely-Brown-1434: Exhibiting Leister hot-air tools and blowers for industrial heating.

Helton-1255: A manufacturer of custom thermoformed plastics and custom cast urethanes.

ID Technology-1113: The Model 250 label printer/applicator uses thermal-transfer technology to print and apply variable-information labels, online, without slowing production.

Imaje Ink Jet Printing-930: The Lightjet Vector ensures high-resolution marking at high speeds for alphanumeric messages, bar codes, bi-dimensional codes and logos.

149260-orangedot.jpg Imex Vinyl Packaging-625: Vinyl stock bags for a variety of industries, including home furnishings, cosmetics, sporting goods and toys.

Imperial Packaging VTS-1315: Extruder of thin-gauge PP and PE sheets and rolls, specializing in layflat sheet.

Indiana Bottle-614: Plastic bottles (cylinders and jars), HDPE, LDPE, PP, screen printing and sleeve labeling, and component assembly.

Inex Vision Systems-317: Exhibiting the Inspect family of modular turnkey inspection systems for general packaging. Circle No. 213.

Inland Paperboard & Packaging-1124: The co.'s resources include a network of design offices and service centers, containerboard mills, corrugated box plants and facilities for high-end printing, packaging and merchandising.

Inline Filling Systems-831: Introducing the next-generation Servo PD (positive-displacement) fillers in both semi- and fully automatic models with up to 12 filling heads.

In-line Labeling Equipment-1101: Introducing the new WebMaster 1200SP p-s labeler, designed specifically for the wine industry.

Inspec Tech-1301: From four-color process to RFID and blank labels; also hardware, software and media solutions for printing your own labels.

Institute of Packaging Professionals-1651

Inter-Pack-1420: PE Inter-Foam in rolls, laminated PE plank I-Plank, and EPS Bead.

Ix-Line America-1248: Aluminum-frame and stainless-steel-frame chain conveyors and aluminum-frame belt conveyors.

K.J. Plastic-1131: Purchases a wide variety of scrap plastic materials to make new products.

Kaps-All Packaging Systems-707: Orientainer® unscramblers, Fills-All® volumetric piston and pressure/gravity fillers, Kaps-All® 4-, 6- and 8-spindle cappers, Convey's-All® sanitary and standard conveying systems.

KNF Flexpak-425: "Ultraclean" packaging products of nylon, PE and laminated materials for medical, semiconductor and industrial applications.

Krones-1121: Sleeve-type labeling system applies 360-deg billboard labels to contour containers at speeds of 50 to 800 cpm; glueless process requires no equipment cleanup.

Label Express-1414: Custom and standard die-cut adhesive label blanks in up to 6 colors.

Labelpak-631: Servo/fill heavy-duty benchtop liquid filling system can be moved anywhere; has easily stored, recipe-driven product setup for 50 products.

Laminations-602: Vboard® family of edge protectors includes FlexBoard®, PF PalletTop® and Riveted Uchannel®.

Lee Container-455: HDPE blow-molded containers for crop protection, lubricants, pet care, beverages and household products.

Lee Industries-1230: Stainless-steel jacketed hemi-bottom process kettle; sanitary in-line and flush-bottom outlet ball valves.

Lewis & Myers-1431: Flexible protective packaging materials, including PE bubble, PE foam, PP foam, urethane foam and foam laminates for pouches, bags, sheets, end caps, liners and crates.

Lincube-643: Bag stands square, strong and upright, eliminating pallet overhang.

Linpac Materials Handling-723: Plastic collapsible and noncollapsible pallet-size Ropak™ containers and pallets for transport and storage.

Linx Xymark-1142: Model 10S is designed for coding applications requiring higher print performance and flexibility.

149260-orangedot.jpg Lock Inspection Systems-416: Met 30+ 3F is a triple-frequency metal detector for challenging applications; operates at three frequencies. Circle No. 214.

Loersch-733: Air pillows for protective packaging and void-fill use; automated equipment for production of various sizes and thicknesses.

Longford Equipment-2003: Versatile specialty feeders: 3D901 3-dimensional feeder, B350 feeder with divert tray, RF375 rollstock feeder, SF375 sachet feeder and C350 feeder with mini magazine.

Markem-1225: Laser, thermal-transfer, hot-melt ink-jet and print-and-apply coding/marking equipment.

McKenzie Handling Systems-1020: Standard and custom conveyors using low-profile technology; frames in aluminum, stainless steel or painted.

MDM-1259: LLM series automatic tagging machines and Avery Dennison staplers.

MegaChem-450: Distributor of containers and pails of all sizes include plastic, metal, tin cans, plastic bottles and jugs.

149260-orangedot.jpg Melton Hotmelt Application-1120: Manual or automatic hot-melt applicators with piston pump or variable-speed gear pump to extrude, spray, slot coat or laminate. Circle No. 215.

Mid Atlantic Packaging Supply-652: Wide- and narrow-web flexo printing in up to 7 colors, in-line.

Milan Box-419: Military box packaging and crates; specializes in wire-bound and nailed wooden boxes.

Moore Counting Systems-433: Speed Count™ automatic electronic counting and batching system features V Trace Feeder™ that enhances versatility.

149260-orangedot.jpg Morrison Timing Screw-1134: Timing screws, quick-change parts and timing screw drive assemblies for new and existing equipment; custom parts are available in 14 colors. Circle No. 216.

MRM/Elgin-416: Eight-head rotary piston filler with newly designed piston drive arms to handle heavy, viscous products is rated at up to 120 cpm.

149260-orangedot.jpg Multi-Wall Packaging-742: Corrugated interior packaging, hard-angle and other packaging. Circle No. 217.

Murzan-1133: CIP-capable hygienic pumps that can dry without damage. Ideal for transferring viscous fluids, shear-sensitive liquids and fragile particles.

NEPTCO-431: Engineered materials, such as advanced polymeric coatings and laminates of films, foils, fibers, composites, papers, wovens, nonwovens and custom-formulated adhesives.

Nomaco-1535: Manufacturer of extruded, low-density, closed-cell thermoplastic PE foam for custom-tailored edge protection, material handling and fragility packaging solutions.

Norman Intl.-852: Manufacturer of un4G packaging for 1- and 5-gal, qt, pint and 1/2-pint round and F-Style metal and plastic containers; IBCs for waste and Lab Pack; and heat-sealed vinyl bags.

Norwood Marking Systems-416: The new Jaguar II ThermalPak™ thermal-transfer printer and the Jaguar II 52 Series of intermittent- and continuous-motion thermal-transfer printers.

Package Supply & Equipment-621: Distribution, graphics, design and engineering of rigid packaging and accessories.

Packaging Systems Automation-416: The Drop Gate system, for product accumulation and machine loading, the Model 4023 high-speed rotary placer and the Model 4024 reciprocating placer.

PacMaster by Schleicher-1412: Improved cam and vacuum designs for cutter, which creates packaging materials from corrugated waste.

PASCO-1252: Custom bag, case, pail and case palletizing machines, from simple pallet dispensers to custom turnkey systems.

Pearson Packaging Systems-1001: New Model B240 bag inserter inserts flat, gusseted or preperforated film bags into boxes or other containers with patent-pending parallel technology at 25 bags/min.

Penn-Wheeling Metal Caps & Closures-521: Aluminum closures in sizes from 15 to 89 mm, with low minimums, and in an array of lining systems and colors. Also, embossing, child-resistant caps, CTs, candle covers, capPlugs® and Unishells®.

PFM Packaging Machinery-943: Introducing the 2-axis, servo-controlled Hurricane Extra Wide wrapper for larger products, with 27.5-in.-wide film rolls and 13.7-in.-wide jaws.

Photron-1316: Showing the PCI 1280 CMOS-based, mega-pixel, high-speed camera, built and designed to operate inside a PC to identify and create production line solutions.

Piedmont Packaging Systems-815: Offers Marden Edwards' overwrappers and tuck-and-fold DVD bundler; Schneider's DVD case packer; and Global Packaging's pick-and-place unit.

PTI-Plastic Technology-552

PRISM, Inc.-911: The Jet Pack™ line of carton marking solutions provides up to 8 in. of print, variable and fixed data capabilities.

149260-orangedot.jpg QuickLabel Systems, Div. Astro-Med-832: New Xe line of in-house, high-speed, full-color label printers, printing variable information and photorealistic color on labels at high speeds. Circle No. 218.

RAE Products-412: Displaying its most popular paper tubes, including custom-printed logos and liners, part protection, and special papers and colors.

Rehrig Pacific-1520

Resolution Packaging-739: Showing the Comco ProGlide MSP™ narrow-web flexo press for combination UV flexo, water-based flexo and foil-stamping applications.

Reusable Transport Packaging-935: Plastic reusable containers, reusable packaging, bulk containers, pallet boxes, plastic pallets, liquid containers, sleeve packs, thermoformed trays.

Ropak-606: Rigid plastic containers for food and various nonfood products are available in round, square and rectangular shapes in sizes from 4 oz to 13 gal. Most come with TE, easy-open and EZ Cover resealable covers.

149260-orangedot.jpg Rovema Packaging Machines-1016: Model VPI-260R intermittent-motion vf/f/s machine features special turntable jaws for producing 3-side-seal pouches and Stabilo Seal bags. Model VPK-260 continuous-motion vf/f/s machine features the Stabilo Seal and zipper reclosure. Circle No. 219.

Simco Industrial Static Control-618: New line of static neutralizing bars, electrostatic charging systems and web-cleaning products, the new Blue Bar HL static neutralizing bar and new Contact Cleaning products.

SleeveCo-1406: Multicolor stretch-sleeve labels, TE bands, preforms, combo packs shrink sleeves and application equipment. Labels can be process-printed by flexo or gravure in multiple colors. TE bands are available in metallic gold.

Smiths Heimann-416: New Eagle Pack MK2™ x-ray system features product setup wizard and auto-normalize, on-the-fly calibration for easy startup and operation. SimulTask™ 3.0 image-processing software allows it to detect foreign objects, missing/misplaced/wrong-count items and defects.

Span Contract Packaging-917: Turnkey contract packaging, tube filling, bottle and jar filling, pouching, packeting, multipacking, secondary packaging, hot and cold mixing and other services for packaging assorted products.

Squid Ink Mfg.-1201: Large- and small-character and high-resolution ink printing systems for porous and nonporous substrates include new PZZ/4 and PZ Pilot systems and new Speed-Dri drying system that reduces ink drying time by more than 70%.

Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging-522

T&G Machinery-1046: 720 Series of case erectors reach speeds up to 14 cases/min. Offers fast, easy changeover, single-person operation, low maintenance and a magazine capacity for 100 single C-flute cases. Small fooprint maximizes floorspace. Erects multiple RSC and HSC cases automatically, by supply and demand or single cycle.

Tharo Systems-539: The PA1000t tamp label printer/applicator for top or side applications is delivered with a customizable tamp pad that can be modified to fit specific label sizes. Has variable stroke length and an adjustable pressure sensor and provides the ability to label products of variable height. Applies labels to convex, concave or flat surfaces at 60/min, on either the top or side of the product, and has a versatile tamp pad size.

Thomas Regional Directory-1534: Industrial sourcing tools are available at and in print and CD-ROM. Provide details on products and services from 550,000 distributors, mfrs. and service companies.

Tomlinson Industries-430: No-Drip™ disposable and reusable faucets and fittings for BIB containers, blow-molded and other containers for bulk and sanitary dispensing. Safety handles are available.

149260-orangedot.jpg Tri-Tronics-509: Photoelectric sensors and controls include Mark-Eye, used on f/f/s machines, Labeleye and Markeye Pro. Mark-Eye features easy setup and pushbutton adjustments. Detects marks as small as 1/32 x 1/4 in. long. New Label Eye photoelectric sensor specifically senses p-s labels on a roll. Is pulse-modulated. Circle No. 220.

Tuscarora-841: Custom-molded and die-cut foam cushioning components, protective packaging and material-handling products, thermoformed plastics, corrugated board and wood provide protective packaging for applications in high-tech, consumer electronics, major appliance and automotive industries. Tuscarora-Weyerhaeuser Alliance features expanded corrugated capabilities.

Universal Labeling-416: The R310 front-and-back semi-automatic labeler now has a sister that can apply a single label or two labels to various cylindrical containers.

Labeling widths are up to 9 in. Watkins & Assoc.-507: Line of Loctite Hysol hand-held hot-melt applicators, PAM Fastening Hot-Melt Systems and Crist Co. Sure Tack systems bulk hot-melt equipment. Hytrol products range from stick extrusion guns to hand-held cartridge spray tools.

149260-orangedot.jpg Weber Marking Systems-823: Selection of labeling and coding systems include new Waxmark coder that uses liquified wax to code nonporous surfaces and new Mark-O-Print ink-jet coders that include large-character and high-resolution systems. Also, Model 5200 label printer/applicator with thermal/thermal-transfer printer for crisp text, bar codes and graphics. Circle No. 221.

Western Plastics-1430: New Airflow Premium stretch film can be prestretched up to 225% with existing prestretch equipment. Vented pallet wrap targets produce, dairy products, beverages and frozen foods.

Winter Bell-450: Internal protective packaging such as partitions and dividers are cut from chipboard, corrugated and SBS. Also, cellular packaging for fruit and citrus applications and sheeting services.

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