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February 1, 2014

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Submit a press release

Initiating a case history article

If you can identify a new application of your equipment/material, contact us about a possible case study article. Following is a description of the procedure.

  1. Packaging Digest prefers to run stories about how a brand owner has used packaging to their advantage. The story can be about developing new packaging, automating a packaging line, increasing packaging productivity or other angles. We will try to feature the suppliers that helped a brand owner achieve success.

  2. Any equipment installation should have been completed within the last 18 months.

  3. It is your responsibility to obtain approvals from the customer/packager for publication of this installation. Both the packager and the product must be identified.

  4. Best possibilities for a good story are brand new equipment installations or new applications for existing equipment; benefits accrued by the packager, such as increased efficiencies and speed, reduced material or labor costs, improved ergonomics, or extended market penetration; or benefits realized from the switch to new materials or package type.

  5. Generally, Packaging Digest prefers to have the story written by one if its editors. However, we will accept some submitted stories if the subject is agreed upon in advance with the editorial director. Packaging Digest will edit the story for our style and required length. There is no set number of words or lines for any story. Please indicate if you are willing to supply photography.High resolution photos that enhance the story can help "sell" the idea.

  6. The decision whether to send an editor on-site for a plant visit will be made by the editorial director.

  7. Packaging Digest prefers story proposals via email. Send an email to Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor, at You can also call Lisa at 630-481-1422 to discuss a story idea.

  8. Occasionally, Packaging Digest also accepts "expert" stories on issues and topics of general interest to those in the industry. These stories should explain the issue and offer potential solutions. However, they should be objective and not specify a single brand or product as the only solution. Authors of these stories will be recognized and contact information will be listed.

How–and when–to prepare a news release

  1. Use letterhead stationery, even if an agency prepares the release.

  2. Include a contact name and phone number for someone in your company, in addition to an agency contact, if applicable. Make it clear which is which.

  3. Include a digital image. Packaging Digest accepts digital images only. Requirements for digital images are:
    • Capture images at the largest size resolution possible with highest pixel depth your equipment can produce.
    • Control image correction as much as possible during image capture, do not sharpen.
    • Previously scanned high resolution files are acceptable.
    • Files should be submitted uncompressed (TIFF format) RGB color mode with no embedded color profile.
    • EPS files are also acceptable in PhotoShop or Illustrator programs.
    • JPEG files are compressed and therefore not preferred but will be acceptable only if they are high resolution.

  4. Tell us all pertinent specifications on your product. Please understand that we will rewrite this to our style, so be certain the information is presented clearly and precisely.

  5. Be sure to include benefits to the packager in your product description. We will try to include all such statements, but we will attribute any claims to your company.

  6. Departments for which we encourage news/press releases:
    Packaging Concepts/new packages: Any new branded package available to consumers commercially.
    New Machinery/Materials Products: Any new machinery, materials or containers/closure, controls or sensors for a packaging operation.

  7. Send your new equiupment and material press releases and images via email to Lisa McTigue Pierce at [email protected].

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