Sleeve labels allow attractive two-for-one packaging

January 30, 2014

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Sleeve labels allow attractive two-for-one packaging

Perio, a distributor of Pure Silk shaving cream for women, adopts three new twin-pack sleeve labels printed and produced by the Seal-It Div. of Printpack ( The sleeves were developed to offer a special value for consumers while providing a convenient two-for-one package. The label graphics for Raspberry shave cream are adapted from the individual 9.5-oz cans. The heat-shrinkable PVC sleeves combining each of the two-packs of cans have a glossy, eye-catching look with flexo printing in six colors. The sleeves for Coconut & Oat Flour and Melon Splash creams, allow consumers to see the product they are buying with a lot of transparency. These sleeves also hide the UPC

codes on the individual cans and provide a new UPC code for the twin-packs. The color-coordinated sleeves are coded to the individual cans to boost point-of-purchase impact. A “Special Value, Twin Pack,” and “Buy One, Get One Free,” message is also on each sleeve along with a contents list, directions and ingredients.

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