A Cup of Freshly Brewed Coffee - Anytime, Anywhere

Anton Steeman

January 30, 2014

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A Cup of Freshly Brewed Coffee - Anytime, Anywhere

90638-Produkt_bodum_maritim_brew4.jpgCoffee is the world’s biggest beverage product as anybody needs his coffee-shot (caffeine-free or not) in the morning to get his daily-motor started. Starbucks and other coffee outlets might feel the repercussion of the economic crisis, that doesn’t mean that the consumer is minimizing his coffee intake; he is just securing his money in his pocket. That doesn’t mean either that he is satisfied with the results of the coffee machine in the office, one of the industrial inventions which haven’t received much praise over the years. Neither is instant coffee, probably one of the most disgusting coffee tastes in the world (my personal idea), fulfilling his expectations. But the on-the-go consumer has no choice.
Don’t count the Brits as they will stay with their precious cup-of-tea till the end of days. Or better: count with the Brits, as the tea-bag is exactly the item which laid the groundwork for this new innovation.

90638-OneCafeProduct3.jpgSimple and brilliant. Or simply brilliant which leaves you with the question, with all that millions of tea-bags used daily, why somebody didn’t come up with this idea earlier. Anyway, the Swedish company OneCafé launched, via Kaffehuser Friele of Norway and London’s Union Hand-Roasted, a biodegradable drip-cup. Consumers can now absorb an environmentally friendly freshly-brewed cup of coffee without a machine. This coffee concept is a landmark development establishing OneCafé’s status in the eco-sensitive packaging world.

The unique packaging concept of OneCafé works like a tea-bag and lets you brew one perfect cup of fresh, ground coffee wherever there is a cup and some boiling water. In a, with a Multivac machine, deep-drawn container sits a filter bag which, when the lid of the packaging is peeled away and the bag dropped in the boiling water, allows the coffee to fully mix with the water. The brewing method prevents release of tannin.
90638-product_multivac_hi.jpgThe OneCafé concept actually manages to combine the quality and taste of freshly brewed coffee, with the convenience of soluble coffee. And in contrary to coffee pads you don’t need the machine.
The concept ensures a perfect cup of coffee every time. How strong? Exactly as strong as the consumer prefers. Since perfect means different things for different people, the consumer can decide roast, taste, and – perhaps most importantly – brand, of each cup. The packaging gives great brand exposure and is cost efficient.

Certified for Fair Trade (FLO-CERT) and for organic (Krav), the recently opened new production facility in Eslöv, Sweden, is certified to pack any Fair-Trade or organic coffee for any roaster in the OneCafé packaging. OneCafé is working in full accordance with the UN’s millennium goal to end poverty in the third world by 2015. Since it began operation, the company worked to see that African countries would share a greater portion of the value chain they are creating together with companies in the industrially developed countries. As a consequence they have also established their own coffee plantations in Uganda.

90638-3_min_Brewing_Instruction_20resize.jpg The OneCafé concept is open for licensing. The hermetically sealed Multivac deep-drawn packaging guarantees a 90-days shelf life to the freshly ground and roasted coffee.

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