Recycled plastics granulator

Posted by John Kalkowski

January 29, 2014

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Recycled plastics granulator

SB Series Granulators use a patented screw-feed mechanism that makes them quieter and more efficient than gravity-fed, size-reduction equipment for pulverizing PET bottles and other recyclable plastics. Suitable for dry or wet operation, the granulators are capable of processing up to 7 tons of plastic/hour. Materials to be granulated are delivered from the unit's hopper to the cutting chamber by one or more conveyor screws mounted at an angle (45- to 90-deg) to the rotor axis. The screws maintain a steady feeding pace, even if the plastic is a hodgepodge of sizes and shapes, instead of depending on the materials to fall directly into the blades. Throughput is 30 to 50 percent above that of gravity-fed machines with cutting chambers of the same size, the co. claims.

Herbold Meckesheim USA, 888-612-7774.

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