Dual unit cleans and dries packages before coding them

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

November 7, 2017

A common reason for a bad inkjet code on a package has nothing to do with the coder but everything to do with the package. When water or dirt covers the surface, the ink cannot latch on—and the code becomes compromised. The new SureCode dual unit solves this.

Two stainless steel air knives from JetAir Technologies are combined with an Ax-Series continuous inkjet coder from Domino. This integrated surface preparation ensures consistent code quality on all types of packages in a small footprint—and at line speeds of more than 2,900 containers per minute. One human-machine interface (HMI) controls both operations, drying and coding.

Rob Miotti, JetAir general manager, provides more details on SureCode:

Why combine the two systems into one unit? Why not just install both on the packaging line?

Miotti: There are a number of reasons to integrate. First, we’re building in quality assurance. Whether you’re planning a new line or retrofitting one, you know you’ve put the right surface preparation in place when you buy a SureCode. That ensures consistent, clean, quality coding every time. Beyond that, integration saves line space and money. The SureCode is both smaller and more cost effective than a drying system and a continuous inkjet printer purchased and installed separately.

All too often, people install their printer only to realize they need a clean, dry surface for coding after the fact. Trying to free up the line space to squeeze something in is never ideal (or cheap). With a SureCode, you’re eliminating that possibility for headache and unexpected expense.


Who supplies and services the dual system, JetAir or Domino?

Miotti: Both JetAir and Domino are able to supply and completely service the system. You have our two teams—both with global reach—standing behind it to make sure that the SureCode gives you what you need.

What is the footprint of the integrated system?

Miotti: The SureCode takes up less than 50-inches of line space. It’s also worth mentioning that it comes fitted with lifting eyes and stainless steel levelers so installation is a breeze.

What are lifting eyes?

Miotti: Lifting eyes are mechanisms we install on the corners of the SureCode so it can be lifted by a crane and placed over the line. As a result, customers don’t need to break their line to install it.

How much does the combined system cost? Is there an upcharge? Or a discount?

Miotti: The combined system is much more cost effective than buying a drying system and continuous inkjet printer separately. Additionally, we’re offering introductory pricing for the first year.

And to make sure you’re getting just what you need and nothing you don’t, we offer two tiers of control options:

1. Integrated Workstation: An ergonomically placed, PackML-compliant HMI that offers a single point of operator control for both your printer and dryer.

2. Onboard Controls: An economic option that separates push button drying function and full printing capabilities using a Domino-designed HMI.

Can the system accommodate any other inkjet coder other than an Ax-Series printers?

Miotti: JetAir has partnered with Domino to bring their cutting edge Ax-Series printer to our customers. While the SureCode could theoretically accommodate another printer, we chose Domino because we believe in the quality of their product and wanted to make their best-in-breed technology available to our network.


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