Sometimes the best packaging is the first packaging

Tom Marin

March 11, 2015

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Sometimes the best packaging is the first packaging

McIlhenny Company which makes Tabasco sauce turned 142 years old this year. An amazing feat by anyone’s standards. Consider a few more about the company. Its first product remains its flagship. Its first packaging design is pretty much the same as it was those 142 years ago. Its products account for 20 to 25% of the market according to industry best guesses.tabascotop.jpg

Now in its fourth generation the McLhenny family still holds and runs the company with Paul McLhenny as president and CEO and sells its products throughout the world.________________________________________Tom Wants To Hear About Your Branding Issues: Tom Marin, Managing Partner of MarketCues, wants to hear from you! Follow MarketCues on Twitter for branding and social media tips - as well as the latest trends. Tom also welcomes emails, new LinkedIn connections, calls to 407.330.7708 or visit How can he help solve your branding issues?Note: If you are a printing company or product/services company serving the print-media market, and would like to be considered for a feature in this blog, please contact Tom Marin for an interview.

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