Mid-range overwrapper offers automated versatility

June 25, 2019

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Mid-range overwrapper offers automated versatility
The Compacta 5022 adapts easily to a wide range of package sizes.

The intermittent-motion BVM Compacta 5022 is a mid-range overwrapping machine in a fully automatic platform with auto-adjust operation that covers a wide range of applications thanks to its dynamic flexibility. The Compacta 5022 adapts easily to a wide range of package sizes and run speeds to seamlessly fit in to existing packaging operations, all in a full-feature, affordable system.

The overwrapper will be on display during PackEx Toronto June 4-6.

The machine's production sequence is a five-step process during which the products are…

1. Metered into the wrapper.

2. Measured and programmed for appropriate spacing in real time.

3. Passed into the inverting head where they're introduced into the film and wrapped.

4. Sealed end-to-end and on the side for a totally-sealed package.

5. Finally, they are moved into the shrink tunnel where they are subjected to an appropriate amount of heat and balanced airflow to ensure an optimal retail package.

“Today’s models have been modified and updated to accommodate changing industry standards,” says John MacDougall, general manager, Celplast Packaging Systems, a division of Crawford Packaging. “The key improvement is a focus on automation and ultimate versatility. This machine has been outfitted with leading software for a precise and truly-automatic shrinkwrap process. Another benefit is that automatic changeovers are made easy thanks to 100-recipe storage and motorized components that permit adjustable ceiling temperatures, ceiling height and conveyor speeds managed by Siemens controllers."

Key specifications:

  • Product height limit: 450mm

  • Sealing width: 500mm

  • Sealing height clearance: 220mm

  • Film width, center folded: 650/650mm

  • Production speed: 120 packs/min.

Special features include direct-drive servo motors to eliminate typical sprockets chains and idlers because the motor connects right to the conveyor. “This reduces wear-factors and helps for increased machine longevity,” MacDougall points out.

To further simplify things, no Teflon tape is required to run any polyolefin, polyethene or polyvinyl chloride films. There's also no need to change the sealing jaw since it accommodates all film types.

Options include print registration and unstable package assistance.

According to MacDougall, Celplast has installed more than 50 machines to date, with several done for Fortune 500 companies.

The machine will be featured in Booth #1103 during PackEx Toronto June 4-6 where Celplast Packaging Systems lays claim as one of the exhibition’s longest-running exhibitors.

Attendees will find the latest updated information about PackEx Toronto at the user-friendly Map Your Show site.

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