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John Kalkowski

January 29, 2014

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New equipment

Case packer The FW Series is a wraparound case packer for both display-ready and conventional cases. In a compact footprint, this integrated packer features flexibility and quick changeover for bags or rigid products, the company states. A lidding module can be added to provide tray/case lid capability. Depending upon configuration, products can be loaded either on edge (landscape or portrait) or flat into cases. The machines can be combined in complete packaging lines for a wide variety of consumer products.
CAMA USA Inc., 201-940-7230.

Shrink labeler The PDC R-400 is a multi-use shrink labeler that processes up to 400 containers per minute. This product handles a broad range of packages and shapes (including round, oval and square tubs, cups, bowls and various rigid packages). According to the company, users are able to attain consistent appearances using the mandrel-style labeler. The R-400 is ideal for thin films and is compatible with all mono-axial, sustainable and freezer grade shrink sleeve films, according to the manufacturer.

PDC Intl., 203-853-1516.

X-ray inspection The Eagle Pack 400 HC is designed for quick and easy sanitization in the wash-down environments of the packaged meat, poultry and dairy industries. This x-ray inspection system is also energy-efficient and has a smaller footprint, reducing carbon-emissions and saving space in the production line, the company says.

Eagle Product Inspection,  877-379-1670.

Controllers The K-Series, R-Series, and TLK Series controllers can be used in any application where precise measurement and control is required. They are offered in standard DIN sizes and include universal inputs and outputs, dual digital displays, auto-tuning, serial communications, and Sensitive Touch button operation.
Ascon Tecnologic Inc., 630-482-2950.

Blister card cutter The blister card cutting system (BCS) provides shear cutting of blister cards of any size into strips without retooling. The BCS unit operates at a high rate with a fast changeover using a rotary die. Radius edges and custom blister cuts also are possible.
AZCO, 973-439-1428.

Labeler Adhesleeve is a labeling machine using white or clear pre-glued roll-fed films. Features of the labeler include its sanitary design, the elimination of the hot melt, the absence of fumes produced by heating the hot melt as well as the elimination of harmful products to clean the glue residuals, making the product entirely recyclable.
PE Labelers, 513-771-7374.

Stick pack and sachet This complete line begins with one of two multilane packaging machines: ALFA Series stick pack or GAMMA Series for sachets. Cartoning and collating systems can then be integrated to enable a seamless system. Designed for liquids, powders, gels, granules, pastes, pills, and capsules, this entire line requires only one operator.
Fres-co System USA Inc., 215-721-4600.

Bag discharger A mobile half-frame bulk bag unloader with multi-purpose hopper allows material to be discharged from bulk bags, manually dumped from sacks, and conveyed to downstream processes and storage vessels dust-free. The integral flexible screw conveyor transports both free-flowing and non-free-flowing bulk materials including products that pack, cake, smear, sieze or fluidize.
Flexicon Corp., 888-353-9426.

Bulk handling Multiple mechanical conveying methods are integrated into this automated bulk material handling system to move highly fibrous, non-free-flowing material from infeed to discharge, from material conditioning to supply metering, and from metering to downstream processing. With a 2,500 pound per hour feed rate, a belt conveyor ensures accurate material supply.

National Bulk Equipment, Inc.,  616-399-2220.

Labeling system The EasyLiner print-and-apply labeling is designed for use in applications that do not require high speed capabilities. The unit is a compact machine based on the company's Easy Label applicator model. The labeling system features the Sato LT408 digital print module and can be equipped to operate with a tamp applicator or blow applicator.
Arca Automation, 856-428-9808.

Touchless x-ray EZx 465 targets lightweight, open-container food product contaminant detection by eliminating shielding curtains. The system conveys the product through the inspection chamber via a series of small slopes. It features an aperture with reduced height to ensure that x-ray scatter does not escape from the inlet or outlet areas of the system.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 763-783-2574

Curved conveyors Designed for packaging lines where products need to transfer from one elevation to another while rounding a curve ranging from 1 to 180 deg, curved incline conveyors may reduce capital equipment costs while simplifying product transfers. Conveyors are available in belt widths from 2 1/4 to 12 in. and in a range of belt materials.
Eaglestone Equipment, 630-587-1115.

Bottle orienter The Neco-Orientor inline 0 to180 deg bottle orienter is a servo-driven system designed to turn non-round bottles into a common direction. Bottles are accepted from a single-lane source and allowed to pass if they are properly oriented or spun 180 degrees if they are not properly oriented.
Nalbach Engineering Co., 708-579-9100.

Auger filler Servo 3600 auger filler with two volumetric cup fillers uses a three-filler equipment configuration integrating two particulates and a powder within a single pouch at rates of up to 120 units per minute. A continuous motion vertical/form/fill/seal unit improves cycle times and minimizes production space.
Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, 877-375-2121.

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