New equipment: A compendium of the latest in packaging technology

John Kalkowski

January 29, 2014

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New equipment: A compendium of the latest in packaging technology

Sealer The new Super Seal Touch 500 induction cap sealer is designed for packagers with mid-range line speeds with a need for critical operational benefits to make their lines more productive. The induction cap sealer offers a completely integrated cap inspection system, intuitively designed touchscreen interface, simplified setup and operation, recipe management and capabilities for internal monitoring and remote network communications. The system features an operator friendly quick start guide and an all-in-one universal sealing head, which simplifies set-up to ensure operators correctly position the sealing head across a wide range of cap sizes.

Enercon Industries Corp., 262-255-6070.

Printer The K600i single-color piezo inkjet system features a single digital ink jet module, which operates at double the speed of most high resolution digital systems at 50 to 75 meters per minute. Designed for sheet or web printing, the system's variable data printing capability supports barcodes, 2D codes (including QR codes), numbers, graphics, logos and personalized data onto labels, tags, tickets, forms, security products and direct mail.

Domino North America, 847-244-2501.

Vision software The AutoVISION machine vision software provides intuitive step-by-step guidance for selecting cameras, delivering an image, selecting and parameterizing tools and monitoring a running application. With integrated lighting and autofocus lens, the Vision Mini can be fitted into tight spaces and features wide-angle optics for close range machine vision tasks such as component ID, color matching, Data Matrix reading and part location. The flexible Vision Hawk industrial smart camera is designed for easy set-up and operation, with liquid lens technology for unlimited autofocus. It is now also available with optional C-mount lens configuration. Both the Mini- and Hawk-systems can be set up and operated with either the AutoVISION software or the company's Visionscape software interface for maximum flexibility.

Microscan, 800-762-1149.

Inspection The VeriPac 425-LP is an automatic online inspection system for dry-filled, pre-made and FFS pouches, stick packs, sachets and flexible packaging. The verifier's vacuum decay leak testing technology has a proven capability of non-destructive package testing and reliable leak detection as small as 10 microns. Using a conveyor infeed, the pouches are automatically fed into the test chamber. After the test cycle is VeriPac 425-LP completed, defective packages are automatically rejected and good packages are placed back into the production line.

PTI Inspection Systems, 800-532-1501.

Laser sensor The L-Gage LH Series laser sensor is a non-contact measurement sensor designed to provide accurate and stable measurements. The LH Series is used for precision displacement and thickness measurements, developed to solve measurement and quality control inspections on materials such as wood, metal, rubber, ceramic and plastic parts. The self-contained laser displacement sensor features a 1024-pixel CMOS linear imager that can achieve up to a 1-micron resolution under nominal conditions.

Banner Engineering, 888-373-6767.

Controller The company releases its compact, energy-efficient 3200 C L-force Controller. Combining the program logic controller, motion controller and visualization in one compact device simplifies engineering and extends cost savings, the company claims. The controller's architecture fits in a tight control cabinet and operates without a fan or battery via an integrated universal power supply. Based on the Atom processors from Intel, it is an energy-efficient automation platform.

Lenze Americas, 800-217-9100.

Bagger The Zippy Bagger XL features a fully enclosed design and is able to handle larger bags in a wide range of sizes. A high-capacity wicket holder is included with a sensor that warns the operator when the bag level is low and additional bags can be loaded while running for non-stop production. The XL bagger automatically draws, opens and seals a bag after filling. Included is a heavy-duty continuous band sealer that is built to run in a multi-shift environment. Designed for food applications, the bagger can seal straight PE up to 12-mL single thickness or 6-mL single thickness on bags with gussets. Material changeover is done with minimal or no adjustments.

Weighpack Systems, Inc., 888-934-4472.

HFFS The Maksimal Series horizontal form/fill/seal machine is able to run film that is transported at a lower, continuous rate while laying flat during sealing. The seals are made with independent sealing stations, resulting in material print requirements that are less stringent than on traditional machines, the company states. The machine also features funnels that travel with the pouches to provide more time to get products into the pouch than on single point fill machines.

Aagard, 320-763-6043.

Weigh scale Grid top, vibratory weigh scale packers equip production and shipping departments with a complete solution for filling, weighing, compacting and conveying containers of bulk solids with capacities as high as 4,000 lbs, the company states. Constructed in stainless steel, these products are an ideal interface to roller conveyors. The packers mount below conveyor rollers allowing bags, drums, trays or other containers to easily be transported directly onto its grid top deck. With the packer grids designed to rise between conveyor rollers, there is no need for operators to manually move containers; the packer lifts the container to the appropriate height, runs the selected vibration cycle time for fast, effective compaction of material as it is being filled and weighs the container throughout the entire process.

Cleveland Vibrator Co., 800-221-3298.

Leak detector The new Pressure-Leak Detector system uses a beltless design to detect misplaced caps, stress cracks, pinholes and other defects in PET and HDPE containers, whether they hold carbonated beverages, LN2 dosed water, teas or juices. Instead of using belts that need to be adjusted frequently, each bottle is supported firmly by precisely positioned guide rails while being inspected by an intelligent sensor utilizing a proprietary algorithm. This enables the leak detector to give an immediate and reliable read. When the pressure is outside the acceptable limits, a defect is indicated, and the bottle is rejected from the line.

Filtec, 888-434-5832.

Servomotor control The company has introduced an integrated constant-motion servo control system, suitable for automatically loading bottles, jars, tottles, products in pucks and other items. Available in ELAU or Allen-Bradley platforms, the pick-and-place product is designed to simplify format changes, with recipe retention and programming conducted via touch display. Setting up for a new product/format reportedly takes only minutes. Maximum speed is said to be more than 55 cycles per minute. Choose from a range of end effectors.

Bergami USA, 610-588-3900.

Bag dump station This sanitary-specific bag dump station is designed to be compliance-ready at startup, and to ensure optimal compliance contribution during operation and cleaning, even in stringent applications. Its sanitary-specific design is said to reduce process material's exposure to contaminants, meet/reduce cleaning time targets, facilitate validation and inspection, and ensure compatibility with sanitary facility design.

National Bulk Equipment Inc., 616-399-2220,

Air preparation The MS9 compressed air preparation unit features a 1-in. port, heavy-duty construction, pressure regulators, on/off and soft-start valves, filters, dryers, integrated sensors, remote control/monitoring capability and lubricators. Grid dimension is 3.5 in.; connection sizes range from 0.5 to 1.5 in.

Festo, 800-993-3786.

Case sealer The Model 136 HM hot-melt case sealer is a compact adhesive top-case unit that features a heavy-gauge stainless-steel frame, continuous-motion side belt case drive, contoured flap folders and flexible roller compression section. Designed for drop-in installation, the unit is built to standard 15-in. line elevation and has independently adjustable footpads for ease of leveling. Changeover reportedly is achieved in 30 seconds, without tools. The sealer handles cases ranging from 8x6x5.25 in. to 24x16x17 in. A tape-sealing model also is offered.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 800-237-5975.

Pressure gauge ProSense digital pressure switch-transmitters are designed for air, no-corrosive gas and non-flammable gas applications. Fitted with a 2-m cable, the precision digital devices feature a three-color LCD display and provide two digital outputs and one analog output. Equipped with a lockable keypad, three operation modes and six pressure unit conversions, these switch-transmitters have two vacuum to pressure ranges (-14.5 to 14.5 and -14.5-psi to 14.5-psi), selectable response times to eliminate chattering and a fast zero reset.

Automation Direct, 800-633-0405.

Visual inspection A new version of In-Sight Explorer 4.5 is designed to offer packaging operations a range of advanced inspection tools, including an all-in-one edge and surface inspection system, all-in-one bead width and position tool, and a robust ID tool capable of reading multiple codes at once. The product enables cameras to read barcodes and provide inspections simultaneously. Other enhancements include support for CIP-Sync, precision clock synchronization protocol and UDP communication.

Cognex Corp., 508-650-4100.

Hot-fill lines The company offers hot-fill lines for soups, sauces, stews, cheese, peanut butter and other food and bakery products; the systems also are suitable for non-food applications, such as cosmetics and grease. The lines feature heated filling machines intended to maintain proper fill temperature. Heat options include insulated hoppers, jacketed/insulated hoppers that accept plant-supplied hot water, or self-contained hot oil heat systems, with multizone control to heat the entire filling flow path. Choose from various hopper agitator options; diving or traveling machines also are offered.

Hinds-Bock, 877-292-5715.

Tray former The CTF 470V tray former can handle a broad range of sizes and corrugate trays. Running at up to 70 cycles per minute and featuring a 5-ft. powered magazine, the machine is said to offer fast, tool-less changeover and ease of operation. The stainless-steel tray former comes in both standard and washdown configurations.

ADCO Manufacturing, 559-875-5563.

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