New packaging products: Equipment

David Bellm

January 29, 2014

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New packaging products: Equipment

Robotic platform
The co.’s Packaging Automation Cell (PAC) is a platform for next generation, high-speed primary packaging applications, requiring both flexible and sanitary processing. The packaging cell is built with a rigid stainless steel frame for washdown capabilities and integrated with a USDA-accepted robot, ultra-compact motion and vision controllers, touchscreen operator interface and predefined programming recipes for advanced conveyor-tracking and vision-guidance.

Adept Technology Inc.,

Robotic control
TwinCAT® Kinematic Transformation software now extends its standard machine sequencing and motion control capability to Delta- and SCARA-type robot mechanisms. This eliminates the need for a dedicated robot controller, the associated software and handshaking routines in applications that require a robot to handle part loading/unloading tasks. Because the robot control is in the same controller, the robot movements can be tightly coordinated with non-robotic motion such as conveyors and other moving mechanisms. The PC-based control platform unites PLC, motion control and robotics all on one multi-tasking hardware and software platform, the co. states.

Beckhoff Automation, 952/890-0000.

Infeed systems
The Pack Feeder 4 portfolio of infeed systems are ideal for packaging bakery and confectionery items such as biscuits, chocolate and bar-type products, as well as products in plastic, cardboard trays and some non-food products such as pharmaceutical goods. The infeed systems are available with conveyor belts in various layouts and lengths in order to meet individual production needs. To help product manufacturers adapt to ever-evolving consumer and retailer demands, top- and side-guides on the new feeders can be rapidly adjusted without tools, ensuring quick product changeovers and minimal downtime, the co. states. For maximum equipment utilization and flexibility, the units can perform numerous functions, including turning, grouping, buffering, stacking and corrugated feeding.

Bosch, +49 07 11 8 11 62 85.

Quad bag machine
The stand up pouch machine incorporates a new shuttle for momentarily stopping the web to punch a hole for a pinch bottom on the co.’s quad bag and stand-up pouch. The machine is capable of multiple-lane/three-side seal, two-lane/three-side seal with zipper and stand-up pouch with zipper. Quad seal bags can be produced with gusset tack holes, bottom seal and corner angle seals.

Totani America, 920/632-7319.

Wireless access
The EKI-6311GN, an IEEE 802.11n industrial wireless access point, delivers three times the throughput rates of a normal 802.11g, the co. states. It is fully backward compatible with legacy 802.11b/g frequencies. With the support of STP, WMM and IGMP snooping protocols, the unit effectively improves the reliability of wireless connectivity. The unit can achieve data rates up to 150-Mbps, which allows high-speed Internet access with various data and network video surveillance transmissions.  It provides 600-mW high-output power for long-range deployment up to 5-km.

Advantech Corp., 800/205-7940.

Camera system
The co.’s Impact® M-Series Embedded Vision System allows users to perform up to four unique inspections that can be initiated independently, at different times or simultaneously, utilizing a single vision processor. Significant cost savings are achieved by eliminating the need to purchase multiple systems for separate inspection/guidance programs, as well as greatly reducing setup and networking time, the co. states. No PC is required for configuring and operating the system. The embedded M40 processor eliminates the need for a separate computer for programming and operation, creating a straightforward, networked smart camera vision system.

PPT Vision, 952/996-9500.

The co. is adding stainless steel mat top conveyors to its portfolio of automated and semi-automated materials handling equipment. The first offering will be stainless steel conveyor products developed for the food and beverage industry. The line will include straight and curved conveyor sections and combiners as well as implementation services to integrate the conveyor with existing systems.

Liberty Technologies, 877/891-9663.

RFID printer
The RX900 is an “on-demand” full-color RFID label printer. Labels are printed, encoded, verified and dispensed one at a time, making the printer ideal for applications where one or more labels at a time are required. All popular linear and 2D bar code symbologies are supported. The built-in RFID reader/encoder module is supplied by Intermec® and is compliant with EPC Global Gen 2 Class 1 and ISO 18000 -b and -c specifications for the widest range of deployments in real-world applications. Print resolution of up to 4800-dpi and full-color print speeds of up to 4.5-in./sec make label production fast and convenient.

Primera Technology, 800/797-2772.

Vision system
The co. has introduced the In-Sight® 5605, a high-resolution, self-contained vision system offering power and flexibility for applications that require visualization of very small defects, even in a large field of view, the co. states. The system offers a wide range of features and advantages available in a high-resolution vision system, including full 5.0 megapixel resolution, support for Gigabit Ethernet communication, IP67 rating to withstand dust and wash down, plus a full library of vision tools for easy application setup and reliable performance.

Cognex, 508/650-3000.

The co.’s updated software, RobotWare 5.13, provides manufacturers with improved programming and control of robotic equipment, along with enhanced functionality, safety and motion control. For manufacturers, this can facilitate smarter, leaner robot cell concepts and superior control of production lines, the co. claims. The leaner, less-restrictive safety system features even more precise control of robot motion, allowing integrators to more efficiently optimize robotic cell design and production flow.

ABB Robotics, 248/391-9000

Bag gripper
The ABG-25 bag gripper is ideal for palletizing plastic, woven cloth and paper bags containing grains, chemicals, dog food, minerals and plastic resins. The gripper uses stainless steel fingers for both strength and their ability to withstand harsh manufacturing environments. A decker mechanism is designed to facilitate an accurate bag placement, crucial for a tightly packed pallet. In less than 30 seconds, the tool’s bag width can be changed from 7.25 to 21 in., the co. states. The bag gripper features ball bearings, independent decker plates to help center bags on the conveyor and the ability to be fitted with servo drive to automatically adjust for different bag widths.

SAS Automation, 937/372-5255.

Sleeve applicators
The co. releases two sleeve applicator models with Allen-Bradley color touchscreen HMIs, PLCs and communication hardware: the Aurora Prime, rated at speeds up to 150 sleeves/min, and the Aurora Premium, which can apply up to 300 sleeves/min. Lay flat sleeve size for both machines is from 50 to 200 mm and cut length is from 35 to 200 mm.

Axon Corp., 800/598-8601.

Pallet wrapper
The co. will highlight its full line of semi-automatic to fully automatic stretch wrap equipment and stretch wrap film. The line of stretch wrap equipment includes the Raptor turntable series, Cobra rotary-arm series and Octopus rotary-ring series. Both cast and blown stretch films with superior load retention are available, the co. states.

ITW Muller, 800/628-6787.

The 2500 ULTRA, a new generation of thermoformers, features a larger forming area, longer oven, quick tool changeover system and increased tonnage forming and trim presses, as well as new automated offload options. A larger forming area allows companies to both increase production on existing parts and form larger parts. These features are necessary in order to handle end-user demand for increased package diversity and provide flexibility for shorter runs while increasing productivity and profitability, the co. states.

SencorpWhite, 508/771-9400.

Bilster form and seal
The co. presents the 525 Workstation for semi-automatic combined blister forming and sealing. Because the machine is capable of forming and sealing blisters, stocks of preformed blisters are no longer necessary, the co. states. The workstation offers a stainless design, maximum reliability and the flexibility to add options that meet individual needs in terms of productivity, validation and operator friendly ergonomics.

Ramac A/S, +45 28 30 85 40.


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