New Products: Equipment

David Bellm

January 29, 2014

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New Products: Equipment

Sorter program
Available for all North American installations of the co.’s sorters, including IntelliSort®, FKI Logistex®, UniSort®, Crisplant®, Mathews® and Buschman® brand equipment, the sorter upgrade program begins with a comprehensive audit of existing systems, performed by a certified audit engineer. Following the initial audit, the co. will complete an analysis of multiple upgrade, retrofit and rebuild options, developing several solutions that meet the user’s requirements. Equipment improvements can range from replacement of obsolete components to a complete overhaul of machinery. Add-ons, such as advanced preventative maintenance and diagnostics software, are also available.

Intelligrated, 513/881-5239.

Fluid dispenser
The new Tridak Model 795 pneumatic dispensing valve efficiently dispenses very high viscosity fluids, gels and pastes that require high pressure to achieve suitable material flow. This dispensing valve is ideal for materials such as silicone gels, greases, adhesives and sealants. The valve’s adjustable flow control assures accurate and repeatable fluid dispense cycles, while its adjustable suck-back feature provides clean fluid shut-off.

Tridak, 860/626-6700.

Flow wrapper
The fully-servo-driven, On-Edge Revolution Horizontal Flow Wrapper utilizes an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC, Kinetix servo amplifiers and a PanelView touchscreen operator interface. The wrapper features a sanitary modular design with a cantilevered tube forming section that allows debris to fall away from internal drive components. The steel frame construction provides for smooth operation and machine durability while the servo-driven side rod conveyor and overhead transfer assures gentle and accurate placement of product into receiving flights, the co. states. The on-edge gusseted package provides an attractive wrap for a variety of products including cookies, crackers, rice cakes, frozen hash browns and frozen meat patties at speeds ranging from 50- to 150-packages/min. The machine offers optional automatic film splicing, out of position product/no cut, code daters and easy open features.

Campbell Wrapper Corp., 920/983-7100.

Support tripods
The co. offers its AN 100 series Tripod Support Bases, RoHS-compliant bases that are compatible with both inch and metric components. The support base is black reinforced polyamide. The threaded bushings for leveling feet are nickel-plated brass and the fasteners are stainless steel. The tripod support bases are normally used with aluminum, plated steel or stainless steel tubing and either side mounting brackets. AN 200 or AN 205 or support bases AN 300 or AN 305 are also available and a variety of leveling feet or casters can be used with these tripod support bases.

J.W. Winco, 800/877-8351.

Bulk bag filler
The co. will be displaying one of their latest Bulk Bag Fillers with new features that increase the number of bags that can be filled per hour while reducing operator fatigue and maintaining filling accuracy, even for NTEP resale applications. The bag filler exhibit will be supported by examples of the four types of bulk materials and ingredients/additives conveyors manufactured by the co.: flexible screw conveyors, aero-mechanical conveyors, tubular drag conveyors and pneumatic conveying systems.

Spiroflow Systems, Inc., 704/291-9595.

Hf/f/s machine
The CG60 and 120 hf/f/s machines feature zipper and stand-up pouch capabilities. Their new bag-opening feature operates without requiring an actuator, automatically opening the bag while the machine is in motion, saving time and increasing speed. The CG60 runs at a speed of 65 bags/min; the CG120 at 120 bpm.

Bodolay Packaging, 813/754-9960.

The P100 Cartoner features a balcony design that provides access to all of the drive components from one side of the machine while maintaining a compact footprint, the co. states. The orbital carton erector, with prebreak feature, accurately picks and erects cartons at speeds up to 350-cartons/min. The frame is built for three shift/day operation and the servo belt drives ensure quiet, high-speed operation. Digital gauges and scales with pointers allow for a quick, no-tool changeover in as little as ten minutes.

Serpa, 559/651-2339.

The Model DHA-CW-600 “Combo” offering is a complete, integrated dual head auger filler and inline checkweigher for fully automatic container movement, positioning, filling, weighing and rejection for a wide variety of powder, granular and liquid products. Consisting of a conveyor, fill heads and Alpha Checkweigher, the combo provides a centralized, economical solution to packaging needs for a variety of industries.

All-Fill, Inc., 484/875-3415.

The co. introduces its Intelligent Positioning™ Carton Closing Technology for its Trayfecta Carton Former, Carton Loading System and its Capstone Carton Closer. This technology ensures that customers are able to close nearly-perfect cartons every time at speeds up to 150-cartons/min, while reducing the number of parts and the machinery footprint, the co. states.

Delkor Systems Inc., 800/328-5558.

Tray sealer
The co.’s CV/MC automatic mechanical tray sealer is designed to package products at a rate of up to 12-40-trays/min, depending on tray dimensions and materials. Depending on the tray size, several configurations can fit onto the above die box. The sealer has the ability of extending these tools to fit product requirements. The sealer features available heat sealing or vacuum and gas units, quick changeover of 10 minutes, flexible size range, automatic film infeed and a stainless steel frame, the co. states.

Harpak, Inc., 800/813-6644.

Tipper feeder
The High Speed Tipping Feeder utilizes the co.’s speed-following-encoder technology, allowing the feeder to dispense the product at the same speed as the carton is moving. This provides the most accurate placement available at speeds of up to 35,000-pph.

Longford Int’l, 888/298-2900.

The WJ200 offers PLC-like functionality by means of the integrated Easy Sequence (EzSQ) programming function. Programs up to 1024-lines can be created on a PC using this structured language tool and can then be transferred to the microdrive. In this way, sophisticated control schemes can be created without the use of external controllers, the co. states. Simple position control applications are also possible with the microdrives, utilizing the integrated pulse input.

Hitachi America Ltd., 914/524-6615.

Blister packaging
The co.’s new KEB Compact Blister Packaging Machine is designed for optimal price-to-performance ratio and is ideal for low- to moderate- volume applications where floor space is at a premium. The system provides ample throughput and is capable of running rigid formable materials and varied lid stocks from rolls including paper, Tyvek, films and foil laminates.

KOCH Packaging Systems, 973/541-7312.

Shrink bundler
The Tango is a low cost, compact, print-registered shrink bundler that offers complete versatility with three different, interchangeable infeeds. The shrink bundler features inline infeed, inline flood infeed, side infeed or flight bar infeed and these modules can be changed in less than 10 min. The shrink bundler uses an intermittent motion wrapping assembly that does not use a seal bar and is capable of running up to 20-bundles/min. In addition to the various infeed options, the shrink bundler can run clear film, random pattern printed film or print registered film.

Polypack, 727/578-5000.

The co.’s IP66 rated ZPA conveyor features PVC rollers. The conveyor’s roller tubes are completely sealed and the 3 Rib Polyvee drive belts and support bearings powering them are enclosed within the aluminum or stainless steel conveyor side frames. Presence sensing of conveyed goods can employ either photo optics or the co.’s patented tilt sending rollers.

Conroll Corp., 910/202-4292.

The co.’s rotary chuck cappers’ new modular design enhancements include compact frames with easy-to-change stations and stylish, frameless guarding. The changes allow for a smaller footprint, increased throughput and electronic programmability for easier setup and changeover. Similar machines can offer interchangeable parts allowing the versatility of running the same product on multiple machines. Changeover is a simple, tool-free process that is quick and easy for operators to perform. The new design includes a high efficiency main drive motor to save on energy, a redesigned lift drive, an option for corrosive products and an FDA lube option.

New England Machinery, 941/755-5550.

The co.’s new compact wedge conveyor features low section height, narrow drive and idler ends, and the plain bend design enable space efficient line layout integration in tight machine designs. The conveyor can handle products from small bottles and pharmaceutical vials with a diameter down to 10-mm. With a maximum product weight of 250-g, the new wedge conveyor is suited for a high number of applications within various industries, the co. states. The conveyor design limitations are 180-deg bends/unit and a maximum speed of 20-m/min.

Flexlink, 610/393-3784.

The co.’s intermittent, automatic horizontal cartoner offers users the smallest possible machine footprint considering the extremely large standard carton size range. Cartons are automatically opened on to a single product loading station. Product is then horizontally loaded, either manually or automatically and the loaded cartons are then transported ahead for either hot melt glue or tuck closure. The cartoner accommodates both paperboard and corrugated material. Options such as date coding, conveying and product loading systems are available.

Econocorp, Inc., 781/986-7500.


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