New case packers make efficient changeover a wrap

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

April 15, 2015

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New case packers make efficient changeover a wrap

This trio of servo-driven wraparound case packers shows that quick changeover and easy operation are within reach for a variety of markets and package formats.

A switch from regular slotted containers (RSCs) to wraparound-style cases could improve pallet efficiencies and bolster column strength, as well as could cut operator time for loading case blanks because most wraparound magazines hold about twice as many blanks as typical RSCs.

Our first is the new HCP all-servo wraparound case packer from PMI Cartoning Inc., which uses custom infeed and product-handling systems to enable max speeds of 30 cases per minute. Multi-axis Allen-Bradley Kinetix servos, along with operator-friendly ControlLogix and AB PanelView Plus controls (all from Rockwell Automation), provide the automation features that assist changeovers and ease operation. For markets that need it, optional stainless steel washdown construction is available.

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The compact Model 333 Vanguard wraparound case packer from Standard-Knapp uses snap-in parts and quick-handle adjustments to speed repeatable changeovers. The system controls compression with pneumatically-controlled top and side actuation, which is especially helpful for delicate products. Machine design eliminates pushing and possibly damaging product. Instead, the product comes in directly over the case or tray blank before the blank is reliably formed around the product.

Click “Next” to see our next and final solution (for now), which auto adjusts to different case sizes.


The CP-WCP wraparound case packer from AFA Systems speeds up changeover by using servo technology to automatically adjust when operators load different case sizes into the Flat Stack Magazine. A gantry robot case erector works with the infeed to control the position of case blanks.

Additionally, all-axis servo changeover is one of many options; intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView screens are standard. The CP-WCP is also friendly to integrated support systems, such as labelers, ink jet coders, barcode readers and tray denesters.

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