PPC report forecasts slow growth for folding cartons

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PPC report forecasts slow growth for folding cartons

The Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) recently released its annual "2011 Trends: Industry Outlook and Market Data Report," the definitive analysis of what lies ahead for the paperboard packaging industry. An invaluable tool for translating market challenges into opportunities, the report reflects the partnership of PPC and RISI, the leading provider of paperboard packaging industry market forecasts and analysis. The report identifies growth markets and analyzes trends for 17 key market segments of the paperboard packaging industry, including beverages, cereals, dairy, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


Folding carton

End-use markets analyzed in the full 2011 Trends Report include food products, (beverages, cereals/milled grains, confectionery, dairy, dry foods, frozen foods, meat, perishable bakery goods, and retail carry-out foods) as well as non-food products (cosmetics, hardware & household supplies, converted paper products, pharmaceuticals, recreational products, soap and detergent, tobacco, and miscellaneous end-use markets).

In this year's report, five end-use categories were classified as growth markets (those that can expect tonnage shipments to grow by 1.0% per year or more over the next five years), five markets as mature (with 0 - 0.9% growth rates), and seven that are expected to record a downward trend in shipments over the next five years.

According to the report, although the recession is over, consumers are still struggling financially, as is the folding carton industry, whose shipments fell one percent in 2010. Over the last decade, folding carton shipments have lagged about 2% behind overall growth in consumer spending on nondurable goods. Shipments are expected to begin to grow slowly by 2012, and then accelerate as we head into 2013-14.


"We've compiled a substantial amount of practical data and thorough analysis," said Ben Markens, president of PPC. "This report gives members insight on what to expect in the coming year and how to best prepare for changing economic and market trends."

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