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NEW MATERIALS February 2012

January 29, 2014

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NEW MATERIALS February 2012


Die-cutting technology

New ThinStream die-cutting technology allows the die-cutting of labels with a liner as thin as 12 microns, half the current minimum in the market. The technology also eliminates die strikes, one of the industry's top quality concerns, the company states. The patented technology has been licensed to the Gallus Group, which has created the Gallus Cold Die Unit to accomplish this advance in die-cutting technology.
Avery Dennison, 626-304-2000.


Lidding system

The new 1-Seal lidding system saves material by using a portion of the in-mold label surface from the inside of the lid to seal to the container. This feature eliminates the need for an additional foil seal or film membrane, streamlines the sealing process by removing a step and reduces waste that can result from membrane failures and membrane scrap. High-resolution graphics can be incorporated directly onto the lid for maximum consumer appeal and branding. The resealable closure system provides a secure, airtight seal, ensuring the freshness of products both at the store and at home.
Spartech Corp., 888-721-4242.


Lightweight papers

Two new lightweight options have joined the Acadia NSR product line. Acadia NSR in 15- and 16-lb weights provides a range of paper alternatives from 15 to 75 lbs. This uncoated, multi-purpose, machine finish paper is suitable for a variety of waxing, laminating and converting processes, and for use in a host of end-use applications ranging from deli wraps and pouches to liners and interleavers. The paper is FDA-compliant and available in wet-strength options.
Twin Rivers Paper Co., 800-920-9988.


High-performance CIJ ink

This new fast-drying, high performance black ink designed for the A-Series continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers can mark a range of plastic-based substrates. The composition of the MEK-based 299BK ink provides high adhesion properties on low-surface-energy plastics including PP, thermo plastic olefins, PET, PEs (including HDPE and LDPE), and on a widely varied range of multi-layer flexible packaging materials. Designed specifically for use in the A-Series family of printers, the 299BK ink delivers coding text, batch and serializing numbering that can be easily applied to a wide variety of plastic packaging formats, including bottles, jars, pouches, caps and closures, films, wrappers, pots and tubes.
Domino Printing Sciences, 847-244-2501.

PP film

Torayfan KMS1 70-ga biaxially-oriented heat-sealable matte PP film is designed to be used as an outer web in food packaging applications requiring a premium appearance. Technologically advanced KMS1 film offers an industry-leading low seal-initiation temperature for lap seals (20 deg lower than what typical sealable matte films offer), and a broad heat-seal range, which enables faster processing on high-speed form/fill/seal equipment, the company says.
Toray Plastics, 800-453-6866.

PLA melt-strength enhancer

A new melt-strength enhancer in masterbatch form increases the pull force that can be applied to PLA by 300 to 500 percent over a range of drawdown ratios, making possible higher throughputs in extrusion and thermoforming while reducing scrap rates, the company states. Terraloy MB-90001A1 melt-strength enhancer broadens the processing window of PLA in cast film and sheet for clear-end products such as clamshell containers used in produce packaging, food service takeout and other applications. At loading levels of 6 to 10 percent, the masterbatch increases the extensional force that can be applied to PLA during processing at drawdown ratios as high as 35:1.
Teknor Apex Co., 800-556-3864.

Corrugated board flute

The company has expanded its corrugated board flute range with the new S flute. Positioned between its B and E flutes, the product is designed to be lighter, stronger and more durable than many corrugated boards. S flute benefits from the performance characteristics of B flute for both transit and retail packaging, with the outstanding printability and strong crush resistance of E flute, the company states. S flute is made from FSC-certified fibers, is recyclable and helps reduce supply chain overhead and the impact of logistics on the environment.
Smurfit Kappa, 954-514-2600.


Air cushioning system

AIRmove is a desktop air cushioning system designed specifically for low-volume packing and shipping operations (handling less than 100 packages per day). This product creates air cushions on demand and is more cost effective than ready-to-use padding and filling products such as air pads, packing peanuts or corrugated paperboard, the company says. The cushioning system is suitable for retail establishments with mail order or online sales, e-commerce start-ups, industrial packaging operations, eBay power sellers, crafters, home-based businesses and more.
Storopack, 800-827-7225.


Trigger sprayers

These spray triggers are simple to use for adults but have safety features that make them difficult for children to use. Three primary features of these new trigger sprayers include: child resistance, as the trigger must be pressed down and the nozzle turned to an open position to spray; the shape of the trigger, which is attractive and ergonomic; and the trigger closures, which feature 28/400 and 28/410 closures with ratchets at the bottom of the inner wall.
Copco Industrial Co., +86 20 84805015.


Vented films

A new range of Tyvek vented films is available for high-speed flow wrap applications undergoing ethylene oxide or steam sterilization. Users can specify flow wrapping for packaging items such as gowns and drapes, tubing sets, diagnostic devices, pre-filled syringes, CSR-wrapped surgical kits and dialysis filters. In addition to offering greater speed and process efficiency, flow wrap is a flexible, economical system for small and large pack sizes offering reduced material, tooling and capital investment costs. The films can be flexo or gravure printed.
Amcor Flexibles, 847-362-9000.

Pallet pack

The new DuraGreen Pallet-Pack offers an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio that allows the user to stack thousands of pounds on top of it, says the company; the engineered stackability optimizes use of space. The pallet-pack also features a 7:1 nesting ratio that slashes shipping and storage costs, but it is so lightweight that a single worker can easily and safely maneuver the 60-lb container.
RPP Containers, 800-945-8304.


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