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Plastic keg

Plastic keg The PubKeg is a new, one-way packaging alternative to metal kegs. This recyclable plastic alternative to metal kegs holds one-sixth barrel or 5.17 gal. By creating a one-way packaging option, the co. has eliminated deposit costs, tracking and paperwork for brewers who own or lease kegs. The keg is an all-encompassing package for brewers looking to distribute their beer across the country or export to anywhere in the world. It has a similar footprint to the quarter slim barrel keg yet weighs nine pounds less than a one-sixth-barrel metal steel keg, which will also reduce freight and handling costs. Standard features include integrated handles and an interlocking base and lid for more secure transport and storage.

Rehrig Pacific Co., 800-421-6244.



Valve closure

Valve closure The co. introduces the Swimming Silicone valve to the food and beverage markets. The FDA-approved, recycle-friendly valve features an active ingredient that gives the valve a different density from PET, allowing it to float as PET sinks in recycling tanks. The ability to easily separate silicone from PET has simplified and streamlined the PET recycling process. The valve provides flow control and a no-mess dispensing system, the co. states.

Aptar Group, 815-477-0424.


Poultry case

Poultry case The ClimaShield Poultry product is a wax-alternative recyclable corrugated packaging technology developed specifically for the poultry industry supply chain. ClimaShield technology is the next generation in fully repulpable and recyclable wax-alternative barrier product line, the co. says. The 100-percent recyclable technology allows the poultry industry to take advantage of an environmentally friendly moisture barrier that can be customized to specific environments.

Intl. Paper, 901-419-9000.


Glass wine bottles

Glass wine bottles The new line of 750-mL lightweight claret and burgundy bottles is part of the co.'s Lean+Green initiative designed to create aesthetically pleasing, durable, yet lighter weight bottles using advanced manufacturing techniques. The result is an improved design that reduces bottle weight and energy consumption, the co. states. The bottle line is available in a variety of colors, including champagne green, flint, emerald green and dead leaf green, and will be between 16- and 27- percent lighter than current offerings, the co. claims.

O-I, 567-336-5000.



Case-ready packaging

Case-ready packaging Developed to maintain the fresh red color of raw beef in a vacuum pack and extend shelf life, FreshCase materials are available for different formats including forming and non-forming films, vacuum skin packaging, trays and ground beef chubs. The see-thru, leak-proof packages are easy to open, freezer-ready and can be stored in the refrigerator, ready-to-cook, until the Use-By date. The hermetic packaging offers a shelf life of more than 30 days for whole muscle beef and extends typical retail display life up to 28 days compared to three to five days for tray overwraps. According to the co., FreshCase vacuum packages use up to 75 percent less packaging material than modified-atmosphere packaging. By eliminating MAP gases, FreshCase packaging can nearly double the amount of meat transported per truck.

Curwood, A Bemis Co., 800-544-4672.


Fragrance pump

Fragrance pump The Rexam XD 11 Twist fragrance pump is based on the XD 11 platform. The pump is the first to use TCS (The Crimpless System) that can easily be separated from the bottle once the fragrance is used, with just a simple twist gesture, facilitating container recycling. The patented design of the pump makes it impossible to reassemble, thus limiting counterfeiting and protecting brand equity. Moreover, the pump offers the same advantages as a TCS pump: an easy fitment on the assembly lines and less breakage of glass necks, compared to screw pumps, the co. states.

Rexam, 914-251-8420.



Cosmetic package

Cosmetic package The Angel unit-dose package is a 1-mL container with a roller ball dispenser that has been designed to deliver cosmetic products such as eye contour or lip treatments. The containers are made out of PP and come in strips of five units, which can be customized by the brand. The containers can be virtually any color, can have metal or plastic roller balls and can be labeled or pad printed.

LF of America, 954-963-6226.


Screw cap

Screw cap The combiCap mechanism weighs just 1.85 g and uses fewer raw materials, making it an environmentally friendly screw cap option, the co. says. The closure consists of a flange with integrated cutting ring and a screw cap. With a single twist of the screw cap, the tamper-evidence feature on the original seal is broken with an audible click. At the same time, the twisting motion opens up the overcoated hole cleanly and smoothly, the co. claims. The tamper evidence feature enables the consumer to see immediately whether the carton pack still has its original seal, or has already been opened. To reclose, the cap is screwed back on, ensuring the carton pack remains leak-proof.

SIG Combibloc USA, 610-546-4200.



Biopolymer The co. has launched a new transparent, flexible biopolymer. Bio-Flex F 2201 CL contains a high content of renewable resources and can be processed easily on standard LDPE blown film lines and converting equipment. The biopolymer's mechanical properties exhibit a high elongation and flexibility along with good puncture resistance, the co. says. Due to its good interply strength, the biopolymer is recommended as a mid-layer in a coextruded structure. The biopolymer is a clear but stiff material with properties comparable to PP.

FKuR Plastics Corp., 512-986-8478.

Recyled HDPE EcoPrime reportedly is the only recycled HDPE resin available in the U.S. to be cleared by the FDA for use in packaging foods and beverages, the co. states. The resin is produced from curbside collected HDPE (#2) bottles. The bottles are subjected to the co.'s proprietary and patented cleaning process that not only cleans the plastic but also removes anything that could have been absorbed by the plastic as well, for clean and pure recycled HDPE resin.
Envision Plastics, 336-342-4749.



Closure The co.'s new Flip Tip closure design enhances consumer confidence in products that are re-usable by eliminating the risk of separation of the closure tip from the cap body, the co. claims. Many products can have freshness compromised by air exposure, which can lead to product hardening, chemical reaction or spoilage. The closure can be opened, closed and locked into place using only one hand, which lends itself well to any product where precise application is desirable. The closure features an elongated spout and is available in a variety of colors, linings and product dispensing patterns.

Empire/EMCO Inc., 716-832-8800.



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