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16 Mile Brewing opts for aluminum bottle

March 11, 2015

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16 Mile Brewing opts for aluminum bottle


16 Mile Brewing opts for aluminum bottle

16 Mile Brewing Co., a regional brewer in Georgetown, DE, is packing its beer in a 22-oz aluminum bottle said to cut costs and offer a keg of marketing advantages. Developed by Exal Corp. (www.exal.com), the bottle looks distinctive and eliminates the need for separate labels, which reduces material costs and line downtime. Exal says its manufacturing process allows for vibrant, dynamic design options over the entire surface of the bottle. 16 Mile agrees that the colorful graphics and large size have been opening doors with retailers. “It really jumps out at customers in the beer aisle,” beams Brett McCrea, owner of the brewing company.

The brewery's two mainstay and two seasonal beers will be sold singly and in cases exclusively in the aluminum bottle. “The aluminum bottle's lighter weight means lower shipping costs and its manufacturing process provides a more consistent, uniform size,” says McCrea, who with partner Chad Campbell, discovered in their research that the single largest reason for downtime in the bottling process was bottle breakage on the production line. “We wanted to eliminate the traditional problems associated with glass right from the start,” remarks Campbell.

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