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February 5, 2016

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6 versatile fillers handle small runs, large containers and more

A filling machine is like the main course at a dinner party. It sets the tone and tempo for the entire packaging line. Here’s a look at six new systems, each using a different technology to put product into package. You can see all of these in action at the upcoming WestPack 2016 show.

Mid-range monobloc efficiently handles small runs

The new Lite-C (photo above) joins the company’s Lite series of filling/closing machines designed for small-run applications—such as for start-up companies, smaller facilities, research and development (R&D) and contract manufacturing/packaging operations—where a batch or lot size can be as low as 500 to 1,000 packages and changeovers must occur several times in a single shift. A 12-inch touchscreen for the multi-lingual human-machine interface (HMI) helps operators perform quick and easy size changeovers, and stores/manages production recipes. The monobloc can handle a variety of closures, including continuous-thread or press-on caps, applicators and dispensing pumps. Minimal change-parts helps keep tooling costs affordable.

groninger USA LLC,

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Netweigher automatically fills large containers

Model FNET4-TG Automatic Net Weigh Filler uses an integrated scale for each fill head to control the fill volume dispensed into the containers by the pneumatic-operated nozzles. Unit provides extreme filling accuracies of fractional percentages of volume depending on scale range chosen regardless of changes in bulk density. Features include bottom-up fill control, automatic drip tray, automatic supply regulation and automatic bottle indexing gates.

Filler is constructed of 304 stainless steel tubular frame with NEMA 4X enclosures for full washdown. Control panel uses color touchscreen operator interface and separate visual display for real-time weight information during operation. Offers Shuttle or Lift System and conveyor for automatic operation.

Inline Filling,

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Entry-level thermoformer for modified atmosphere packaging

The R 105 MF is a compact, entry-level thermoforming machine for smaller batches of vacuum skin packs, for standard vacuum packs and modified atmosphere packaging. For sanitation it offers patented, hygienic chain-guide design and complete IP65 washdown. Additionally, the exclusive Multivac Hygienic Design uses easy-to-clean smooth, angled external surfaces without recesses, corners or edges. On the controls side it has IPC control with open architecture, an intuitive, user-friendly HMI terminal with touchscreen with access to production data acquisition and storage. The R 105 MF has a machine width of 420mm/16.5 inches, a cut-off length of 270mm/10.6 inches and a maximum forming depth of 50mm/2 inches.


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Vertical bagger controls dwell times for secure seals

The new Matrix Morpheus vertical form-fill-seal machine gives you complete control of sealing dwell times, regardless of operating speed. This exact control ensures your packages are firmly sealed, even for films that require longer dwell time. Additionally, this continuous-motion system flexibly accommodates a range of package widths, from 2 to 12 inches, on the same machine. Maximum roll diameter is 14 inches.

The touchscreen operator interface works similarly to a smartphone screen, for easy and intuitive actions. And recipes can be stored in the machine, on a USB stick or in the cloud. The PackML-compliant bagger boasts a cycle speed up to 200 bags per minute. All this in a space saving 36-inch wide frame.

Matrix Packaging Machinery,

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Ergonomic stickpack machine can be custom configured

The Inever BY300 stickpack machine can be configured with from three to seven lanes, for an output range of 150 to 350 stickpacks per minute. An ergonomic design simplifies operation, cleaning and maintenance for a variety of products, including dosing powders, granules, solids, liquids and pastes. A number of optional features lets you customize a system to best fit your application and environment—dust aspiration for powder products, for example. Other useful options revolve around laser technology: laser scoring creates straight-tear easy-open packs; laser cutting makes a pre-cut slit to help with opening; and laser coding lets you add important information on the packs.

Inever (distributed by Matrix),

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Automatic rotary filler runs at high speeds and with high accuracy

For high-speed productions, the RPF Rotary Piston Fillers exceed 600 containers per minute. They can fill most product viscosities—honey, shampoo and liquid deodorant, for example—into a range of rigid containers with accuracy of +/-0.5%. Models come with from four to 36 nozzles to meet required speeds. The quick-change cylinders and pistons can be easily removed for cleaning and size changeovers.

Cozzoli Machine Co.,

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