Anton Steeman

January 30, 2014

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A Balance between Function and Attraction

“The function should simply be there while the wow factor takes over when you look at and touch the packaging. The packaging should also inspire an element of surprise when opened. This packaging breathes luxury and conveys the right feeling”, says Génebaud Gérandal, a designer at Studio Gérandal, which developed the new packaging for De Jaeger’s snail caviar.

90633-De_20Jaeger_20snail_20caviar.jpgSnail caviar? Yes, snail caviar. Created by French caviar farmer De Jaeger, snail caviar is the new twist on the traditional black delicacy. After all, caviar from sturgeon and salmon has gotten quite ordinary the last years and France is France, so they developed an exclusive delicacy out of two delicacies: snails and caviar. Pink and white in colour, the De Jaeger caviar is taken from the ‘gros gris’ (Hélix Aspera Maxima) snail and treated with unrefined salt and a dash of rosemary essence. According to its manufacturer, the snails lay only 100 eggs each per year, representing about 4 grams - requiring a very slow, laborious process to obtain tiny, smooth cream-colored pearls that reportedly burst on the tongue with subtle autumn and woody flavours.

The packaging, an elegant, wine-red coloured tin, vacuum-packed and protected from light (semi-canned, shell-less and un-pasteurised, +/- 4°C) guarantees sanitary safety and allows to preserve the snail caviar flavours.
The presentation box, converted by Debrez, France, is made from Korsnäs White 240 gr/m2, which features excellent printing properties and formability, which is essential for high-quality embossing.

90633-snigelfrp709x552.jpgThe packaging with the precious eggs may be procured at Harrods Food Halls in London or gourmet shops in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates at EUR 80 (USD 115) for 50 gr.

And with caviar undoubtedly goes champagne. But just don’t buy any champagne. What better in this time of the year make it an exclusive and intimate picnic and buy besides the snail-caviar a bottle of champagne packaged in a fancy ‘outdoor’ box which when folded open transforms itself in a small table plate complete with candles and flutes. Who can resist this treat when twilight is setting in?

This irresistible packaging with its many charming elements turns a champagne bottle into a genuine happening. Designed by the students Julie Valade and Renaud Petit, it received the Packaging Impact Design Award, a yearly competition for design students, organised by Swedish card board manufacturer Korsnäs Frövi. Although creative, the design is a headache to manufacture and uses a lot of carton board……. which is by the way Frövi White.

80129-Frovi_20PIDA_20France_20Champagne_20pack.jpgTalking about champagne, most consumers love the “popping” sound, but dislike the complicated struggle to open a champagne bottle, which always seems to go wrong. Therefore Alcan Packaging decided to develop an alternative closure. What, the traditionalists will shout, no cork? Awful, the champagne will taste differently. Champagne is no cider, they will declare. ….. continue reading

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