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Brazilian co-op codes new UHT milk for consumer traceability and production efficiencies

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Brazilian co-op codes new UHT milk for consumer traceability and production efficiencies


Brazilian co-op codes new UHT milk for consumer traceability and production efficiencies


Brazilian food cooperative Aurora is harnessing its next generation traceability solution to increase production efficiency and add brand value to a newly launched ultra high temperature (UHT) milk product.


New traceability technologies offer significant benefits to both Aurora and its consumers. Aurora is able to improve the speed and reliability of the entire production process through real-time monitoring and complete automation control. This, in turn, provides the means to quickly and accurately diagnose and solve potential production problems. For consumers, it offers reassurance since each individual carton is stamped with a unique code that enables access to web-based information regarding the origin, processing and packaging of the product contained inside.


The new traceability solution from Tetra Pak, which Aurora calls Aurora Traced Product, brings customers and consumers more insight than ever before, with information related to each individual milk package, not just an entire lot.


"Traceability is an essential tool to demonstrate credibility and engender confidence with producers, customers, suppliers and consumers," says Mario Lanznaster, president of Aurora Coopercentral. "It has now become a critical food safety indicator. Working with Tetra Pak, Aurora and its customers can track foods from raw materials through to the final manufactured product. We can now monitor the production process and control quality parameters in real time."


Aurora's traceability solution is based on the latest version of Tetra PlantMaster, a factory control, supervision and operation software suite which includes a quality management system and a platform to transfer data to the Internet. These innovative technologies strengthen Aurora's cooperative quality system, facilitate process control and management and identify food origin. As well as adding brand value, Aurora sees Tetra Pak's next generation traceability solution as an important asset in ensuring quality and facilitating product certification.


Tetra PlantMaster lets processors:
• Quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks.
• Simplify operations and make them more efficient.
• Minimize unplanned shutdowns, waste and energy consumption.


Source: Tetra Pak


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