Brew your coffee in its own cup

March 11, 2015

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Brew your coffee in its own cup




Solobrew Coffee Cup

Steeped in brewing-innovation, Solobrew Corp. has launched a new product on the single-serve, gourmet-coffee market called the “French Press To-Go.” Dubbed the first of its kind, The French-Press To-Go uses freshly ground, premium-quality coffee beans that are ready to brew in a spring-action plunger cartridge. Just add water, and in 2 to 4 min, enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Although it uses the same plunger concept as a French press, the French Press To-Go is a much simpler product that provides consumers with high-quality, freshly-brewed coffee steeped directly in the cup. Environmentally friendly, each plunger uses 1/3 oz of coffee and filter paper. The cup comes in a disposable or reusable style, with inexpensive refill cartridges. The disposable version includes a paper cup and a thermoformed PE lid. The reusable Brew-in-Cup is made from PP.

The easy-to-use design allows the user to dispose of the plunger after consumption. No cleaning is required, as with a traditional French press. This also allows consumers to take the French Press To-Go anywhere and eliminates the long lines and high prices of coffee-house drinks or the freeze-dried taste of instant coffee.

“We envision that our patented, innovative, ready-to-brew technology will redefine and transform the way consumers prepare and drink gourmet coffee,” says Robert Vu, SoloBrew Corp. founder and CEO. The French Press To-Go four-pack with a reusable cup and four plunger cartridges retails for less than $4.50, while the single-serve disposable cup sells for less than $1.50. Extra cartridges are 60 cents.


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