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Campbell's to phase out BPA in soup cansCampbell's to phase out BPA in soup cans

March 11, 2015

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Campbell's to phase out BPA in soup cans
Campbell's soup cans



With concerns about Bisphenol-A (BPA) among packaging professionals and civilians alike surging as of late, many manufacturers and CPGs have been working to address those worries, and looking for alternatives to the chemical in their products. During a February shareholders meeting, Cambell Soup Co. CFO Craig Owens offered comments addressing on the topic.


"I want to comment on a topic that has received increased attention lately," he told shareholders. "As you know, Bisphenol-a, or BPA, is widely used in metal food packaging to help preserve and protect food and to maintain its nutritional value and quality. We believe that current can packaging is one of the safest options in the world; however, we recognize that there is some debate over the use of BPA. The trust that we have earned from our consumers for over 140 years is paramount to us and we have been monitoring and working on the issue for several years. Because of this, we have already started using alternatives to BPA in some of our soup packaging and we are working to phase out the use of BPA in the lining of all of our canned products. The cost of this effort is not expected to be material."

In an interview with Packaging Digest, Anthony Sanzio,.vp of communications for Campbell Soup Co., reported that the company plans to make the transition from BPA as soon as feasible alternatives are available, adding that the firm's efforts previously were detailed in a 2010 report from Green Century Capital Management and As You Sow entitled "Seeker Safer Packaging."


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