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Canister puffs up ARGO corn starchCanister puffs up ARGO corn starch

March 11, 2015

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Canister puffs up ARGO corn starch

ARGO® corn starch from ACH Food Cos. was first introduced in a carton in 1902. So how does a brand that's been around for more than 100 years innovate in order to become more contemporary and consumer-relevant while fighting off competitors? Clever packaging can help. The product's new, 16-oz resealable plastic canister reduces inherent messiness of corn starch, provides an easier way to measure the product, is easy to store, is stackable and has an easy-grip, square shape.

With help from Lift Packaging+Promotions Creative (www.liftcreative.com), which designed the label graphics, ACH proceeded with Project AMBIR, which stands for “Argo Must, Be, In, Resealable.” Topped with a threaded blue cap from Berry Plastics (www.berryplastics.com), the innovative yellow HDPE canister from Schoneck Container (www.schoeneck.com) displays familiar ARGO graphics, courtesy of glue-applied labels furnished by Hammer Packaging (www.hammerpackaging.com). The design improves shelf presence and updates the brand for the 21st century, while maintaining the Argo's brand heritage, identity and market leadership position. ARGO's packaging has had few graphic changes in its long history.

The category leader in corn starch products, ACH says it has seen competitors change package structures over the last five years to include resealable containers, which consumers perceive as more premium, fresher, easy-to-use and more contemporary. The team then quickly mobilized to source the components, build bottle molds and secure equipment for filling at the ACH plan in time for the peak 2008 baking season. The overwhelming consumer response led ACH to leverage the package into its baking powder segment in a 12-oz size, also from Schoneck. It's topped with a Weatherchem Corp. (www.weatherchem.com) flip-top cap in blue.

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