China's Packaging Industry Development Trend Forecasted by B2B Search Platform

January 29, 2014

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China's Packaging Industry Development Trend Forecasted by B2B Search Platform

With China's national economy's rapid development and raising concern in health, China's packaging industry has become one with great potential, and is bound to have a broad market space, according to, one of China's leading B2B search platforms. The company says China’s national urbanization rate from the current 39.1% is expected to rise to 60% in 2020, which will bring new opportunities for packaging industries.

With the quality of life improved as well as a rise in consumption levels, consumers have great demand for microwave foods, leisure foods, and frozen foods, which will accelerate packaging demands for these sectors. At the same time, with the government pushing the development of subsidies on agricultural products, food processing and packaging machineries there are broad prospects for the development of the packaging machinery industry.

In recent years, dairy and beverage industries have become the fastest growing industries in China, with the increasing emphasis on health, various types of dairy products packaging base on different needs are required. At the same time, aseptic filling technology, beer, milk, PET packaging technologies has been of more and more concern by manufacturers.

China's packaging industry trends
From 2006 to 2010, the packaging industry's gross value is expected to reach 450 billion yuan, maintaining an average annual growth rate of 7%. In 2015, output value of all packaging industries is expected to reach 600 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 6%. The demand for paper packaging products, plastic packaging products, metal packaging products, glass packaging and packaging machinery will increase significantly.

In the future, the packaging industry, under industrial restructuring, will reflect a lower consumption of products, structural optimization, quality improvement and enhancement in the mode of competition. China will give enough attention to high-grade raw materials and packaging machinery equipment.


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