Coca-Cola introduces new visual identity for juices

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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Coca-Cola introduces new visual identity for juices
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Minute Maid juice packaging

The Coca-Cola Company unveiled a new visual identity for key brands in the Company’s extensive family of juice beverages. The uniform packaging design, to be implemented across multiple brands and products worldwide, is part of the Company’s comprehensive, strategic effort to expand its share of the juice category.

With more than 100 juice and juice drink brands available in 145 countries worldwide, the Company’s share of this highly fragmented growth category has nearly doubled over the past 10 years and its global juice volume is now twice the size of its nearest competitor. The Coca-Cola Company has grown its ready-to-drink juice and juice drinks business in the 10 years from 1998 to 2008 at an annual growth rate of 11 percent. The Company is the largest buyer of fruit for juice consumption; buying one in six of all oranges processed for juice.

Based on extensive consumer research, the new visual identity was created to enhance brand preference, improve shelf stand out, drive cost efficiencies and create consistency across a world-leading family of juice brands and products.

"The scale and magnitude of this worldwide rebranding effort is significant for our juice business," said Guy Wollaert, General Manager, Global Juice Center, The Coca-Cola Company. "Our new, uniform packaging design system unites key brands in our juice portfolio, including Minute Maid, Del Valle, Andina and Cappy, under a single, iconic brand identity."

Reflecting the historic logo and color scheme of Minute Maid, the leading brand in the Company’s juice portfolio, the redesigned packaging brings a cohesive, unified look and feel to the Company’s global juice brand lineup. The modernized design builds on elements of the Minute Maid visual identity, including the black rectangle and white logotype lettering while adding a green horizon mark, refreshing fruit photography and natural imagery to underscore the juice brands as a source of delicious fruit.

The new design also creates a coherent look on shelf when packages are placed side-by-side to showcase the fruit. This further communicates the nutritional goodness inherent in the juice and evokes the imagery of whole fruit as it might be displayed in a produce aisle or farmers market.

Creation of the new flexible and streamlined packaging system was led by the in-house design group at Coca-Cola. "We started this process working closely with the global juice team to understand the objectives and the strategy of growing our juice business," said David Butler, VP of Design, The Coca-Cola Company. "This scalable, common identity was created to address a business challenge, not to simply update a package. This is truly designing on purpose."

By uniting the juice brand portfolio under one scalable framework, new packaging can be introduced quickly and efficiently, ensuring a consistent global design that builds brand value while minimizing operating costs and increasing productivity for local businesses worldwide.

Beginning this month, consumers in the United States will be the first to experience the dynamic changes in Minute Maid packaging, while consumers of other juice brands in The Coca-Cola Company’s family of juice beverages, such as Del Valle, Andina and Cappy, will experience the new designs in their local markets through 2010.

The new-look packaging graphics are the first in a series of important milestones in a business strategy that will continue to strengthen the Company’s position as the global leader in juice. In coming months, Coca-Cola will implement new initiatives that will benefit local businesses and consumers globally, including product innovations, sustainability efforts, strategic partnerships and the debut of successful juice products in additional markets.

SOURCE: The Coca-Cola Company

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