Cocktail pouch draws straws in the sunshine state

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Cocktail pouch draws straws in the sunshine state


Cocktail pouch draws straws in the sunshine state

Pan American Properties, one of Puerto Rico's leading food and beverage companies, has launched its ready-to-drink cocktail product line, Gasolina Urban Blends, in the state of Florida. Gasolina, which has been extremely successful in Puerto Rico, will be distributed by Premier Beverage.


Gasolina comes in six flavors including: Original !Tu Madras! Pink Martini, Mojito, Sea Breeze and Sangriiia. Gasolina is a unique product in its category because it is crafted with premium spirits such as high-quality Caribbean white rum, 100 percent agave tequila, five times filtered and distilled vodka and 100 percent natural fruit juices.


Its innovative and portable packaging in 200 ml aluminum pouches with a straw inside, makes it ideal for outdoor consumption. Alcohol content varies from 7.5 percent to 11 percent. Gasolina will be sold individually or in convenient 5-packs at selected local liquor stores and bars.


Rene Acosta, director, liquor division of Pan American Properties, says, "We believe Gasolina will revolutionize the ready-to-drink cocktail category. Our success in Puerto Rico combined with really positive market research results in the U.S., gives us great confidence that the brand will be a winner in Florida and therefore our point of entry into the U.S. mainland."


Eric Pfeil, evp of Premier Beverage, says, "Gasolina is a high-quality drink, with portable and convenient packaging that will be attractive not only for the active on-premise market, but for the Florida outdoor lifestyle. At Premier Beverage, we are committed to bringing the Florida consumer new and innovative products and Gasolina is one of them."


Gasolina Urban Blends marketing strategy includes an extensive off- and on-premise tasting program. Gasolina will also participate in key outdoor events in the Miami, Gainesville, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Panama City and other markets.


"Our slogan, Party in a Pouch, reflects the brand's personality: fun, active and on the move," concludes Acosta. The marketing and creative campaign was developed and is being executed by Miami based Agency C-Com Group Inc.


Source: Gasolina Urban Blends



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