Consumer research propels packaging innovation

March 11, 2015

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Consumer research propels packaging innovation
Shopper research drives pack innovation


Shopper research drives pack innovation

MMR Research, a specialist consumer research agency serving food and drink, household and personal care brands is welcoming packaging innovators to its presentation and exhibition stand at the Packaging for Retail Success conference 2012 (November 8; Grosvenor House, London).


A sponsor of the event, MMR offers the packaging sector the same advanced scientifically-robust, proven emotion, psychology, brand and sensory research techniques as it applies to product development, and shopper insight is one of its recent areas of focus.


Retail and shopper research expert Caroline Capel will give a presentation entitled "Placing Shoppers at the Heart of the Packaging Innovation Process" at 11:40. Speaking alongside representatives from international companies such as Nestlé and ASDA, Capel will discuss the importance of linking consumer with shopper research, and much earlier in the innovation process.


"When it comes to packaging, our overriding message continues to be to start early with consumer research for the best chance of success," says Capel, director of retail and shopper insights. "By examining consumer perceptions from the initial stages of development, companies are better able to ensure their strategies are successful; not only meeting consumers' needs but also ensuring they engage with products more positively and, ultimately, purchase more."


"What do consumers see when they start to approach a category or brand? Is the shelf optimised in such a way as to compel consumers to interact with the product? If not, what triggers are needed to encourage exploration? These are all questions which need to be asked if packaging is to truly connect with consumers, and making sure they are asked early enough is imperative."


Source: MMR Research Worldwide

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