Coty confidently revamps cartons for Clairol hair color

Jenni Spinner

May 9, 2018

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Coty confidently revamps cartons for Clairol hair color
Clairol redesigned cartons of Nice’n Easy hair coloring, imparting it with floral elements to evoke a new formulation and giving it an innovative hexagonal shape.

Women have trusted Nice’n Easy hair color to transform their appearance since the product line launched in 1965. Recently, brand owner Coty decided it was time for a product and package makeover of its own.

Clairol set to altering the product itself—including the aroma, formula, conditioning and other aspects—to offer additional benefits and greater appeal to consumers. According to Angela Hall, vp, visual and design excellence for Coty, it made sense to accompany the internal changes with an outer redesign—the packaging.

“The packaging needed to reflect all of the big changes that were made to Nice’n Easy, so it was easily recognized as a ‘new’ product by consumers,” says Hall.

Inner beauty

To help inform its efforts, Clairol surveyed 100 women of varying ages, ethnicities and backgrounds regarding their confidence. The company intended to shake up conventional views about age and beauty, and determine the effect the relatively small change of changing hair color could have. Among the findings:

  • 85% of women indicated they felt more confident after coloring;

  • 97% said they looked at themselves more often;

  • 81% reported they felt beautiful;

  • 70% said they felt “ready for anything.”

Additionally, 77% said coloring their hair made them feel more confident at work, and 65% said it made them more confident about speaking up at the office. One woman reported the change motivated her to ask for a raise—and she got it.

To reflect the confidence-boosting benefits the study uncovered, Clairol created the tagline “Color Fearlessly.” Hall says the slogan reflects the research-supported concept that by coloring their locks, women can tap into newfound confidence and push back insecurities about their appearance.

“‘Color Fearlessly’ is all about unlocking the inner confidence that comes with coloring your hair. Many people have insecurities about grey hair and signs of aging, which leads to a lack of confidence and ultimately holds women back from feeling like their true selves,” she says.


Nice’n Easy’s carton redesign ties into the brand’s “Color Fearlessly” campaign, reflecting a Clairol study that found coloring hair can boost a consumer’s confidence.

Outer appearances

Clairol’s in-house design team tackled the packaging, working to come up with a container that stands out from the sea of sameness that tends to fill hair-color shelves, complements the brand’s personality, ties into the “Color Fearlessly” campaign and highlights the product’s unique formulation. The company wanted to attract new customers, appeal to a more diverse array of consumers and keep existing customers in the fold.

Launched in January 2018, the cartons (supplied by Multi Packaging Solutions) are 22-point solid-bleached-sulfate (SBS) carton stock (specifically GC1) from Cartulinas CMPC. The containers are produced as regular-shaped cartons, but with an additional front and back panel scored to open into a hexagonal shape. Inner dust flaps are glued, helping keep the container closed crisply and lined up straight.

A floral motif evokes the new formulation, which is designed to smell like fresh flowers rather than ammonia or other harsh chemicals. Additionally, the new cartons bear the hair-color messaging on the top of the box, as well as on the side, to make it easier for consumers to find their preferred shade.





Complementing appearances

To complement the new packaging, Clairol created in-store activations. These include shelf blades, which are signs that attach to shelves and reach out into the aisle to grab and educate consumers about the product; a wobbler, another piece of signage that attaches to the shelf and sticks out, with an added scented component; and a floor talker, signage that stands on the aisle floor and contains additional product education. In addition to this in-store messaging, Clairol provides in-store activities, including booths with signage, displays and artwork highlighting the new product; full-length banners; informational pamphlets; coupons; and scent puffers.

“All in-store displays and activations were designed off the same visual guidelines used to build the pack to maintain consistency for the brand across all consumer touch points,” says Hall. “For example, the new Nice’n Easy relaunched with new visuals of blooming flowers that’s mimicked in the activations. All colors, branding, models used and logos are also maintained to drive consistency.”


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