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Crown Teams with Bonduelle for New Snack PackagingCrown Teams with Bonduelle for New Snack Packaging

March 11, 2015

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Crown Teams with Bonduelle for New Snack Packaging

Crown Food Europe has teamed up with Bonduelle Group, to launch its new brand Maïs & Fruit in single-serve bowl-shaped cans. Maïs & Fruit is a small snack made from sweetcorn mixed with either pineapple or a mango and papaya blend.

The maker has targeted the product at active and health conscious women. "We developed the Maïs & Fruit brand to help young active women and mothers eat healthy, well-balanced meals that are quick and easy to prepare and serve," says Sophie Laure Van Strien - Stouten, Marketing Manager at Bonduelle Benelux. "However, we knew the packaging had to be just as modern and innovative as the product inside. Crown's bowl-shaped can with PeelSeam technology presented the perfect packaging solution: it accommodates the ideal portion size for our target audience, is easy to open and can be consumed anywhere without any additional preparation."

Bonduelle's Maïs & Fruit line is sold in packs of two single-serve 130ml bowl-shaped cans printed in vivid red, green, and yellow hues. The bowls feature Crown's PeelSeam peelable lids and a plastic spoon, making the fruity blend a convenient option for 'on-the-go' snacking.

Crown's metal cans with PeelSeam ends provide the optimum barrier against light, and oxygen to ensure product integrity. They can be conveniently stored and then used from the cupboard and are 100% recyclable to make more metal goods including cans.

"We're pleased to have been able to provide a modern and convenient packaging solution that consumers will appreciate and look for on the retail shelf, and that will help Bonduelle grow in the European vegetable market," says Steve Thomas, Marketing Manager - PR, Crown Food Europe.

Launched in July in stores across The Netherlands, the Maïs & Fruit brand will soon be available in French, Italian, Spanish and German retail outlets.

Two years ago, Bonduelle launched its Super Sweetcorn product line with Crown's Peel Seam™ technology in Poland. Due to its success, the range is now available across Europe.

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